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which is less "bright"?Grado sr60i or sr80i?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by christo4, Aug 14, 2012.
  1. Christo4
    Hello guys! I hope you can help me in a little dilema.
    I plan on purchasing a pair or grado headphones to see what the fuss is about. I would normally go for the sr80i but i've been reading that they are brighter than the sr60i, which for me is a bit of a problem, since i've returned alot of headphones on account of them hurting my ears because of this(i'm not sure if the correct term is bright, but it's that shreeking sound that happens sometimes when i listen to a song, mostly around "s")
    It's a pretty simple topic, but i've searched the internet and some say that the sr60i is more bright and others say that the sr80i is more bright... kinda confusing
    Anyway hope u can help me reach a decision :).
  2. wje
    Is there a reason why you are sticking with $79 - $99 headphones.  I'm aware that people have budget limits on what they can spend.  However, with your concerns laid out, it seems like the Grado house sound might not be for you.  Either consider spending a bit more, or consider something used, where the price can be affordable.  Seek out a headphone with more neutral sound qualities.  Also, determine if you're really looking for an open or a closed headphone.  This can matter when it comes own to where you listen to your music.  Either you might be bothered, or you will bother others with open headphones.
  3. Christo4
    I have done alot of research and already have 2 pair of headphones i regularly use: an Sehnnheiser HD 380 Pro for listening to music and movies etc. and they are closed and a pair of Fischer Eterna rev.1 for listening on the go and sometimes at home. They are all closed because that's what i needed at the time, but i wanted to get a grado pair because they are open and, as i have stated before, wanted to see what the fuss was about (since i like rock music).
  4. Canadian411
    Hi there,

    I have SR80i and prior to the purchase I did few hours of extensive testing in all Grados, especially SR60i vs SR80i.

    To me both headphones have the same treble quantity, but bass on SR80i and overall sound quality was very noticeable. Winner is truly SR80i.

    The price differences between SR60i and SR80i was about $30 in Ontario so it justifies the money trade for sound quality.

    I ended up buying SR80i although I have few higher headphones such as HD800, LCD2, T1, AH-D7000. The purpose of this can is to use with my iPad to watch youtube at home so I needed something that is cheap and don't really worry about food stuck in the headphone, dropping on the floor etc...

    There is a comfort issue with SR80i when you pass 10 minutes, to resolve this issue you just have to bend the headband until you feel less pressure.

    Hope this helps.
  5. Canadian411
    Oh and considering SR80i costs only $130 in Ontario I think this is the best headphone that I own for the money.

    You will be surprised but SR80i is as good as LCD2 (I know I will get lot of flames for this statement) :) my point is SR80i doesn't disappoint me at all. :)
  6. Brooko Contributor
    If you're looking for the Grado sound - but want something with slightly less top end - look at the Alessandro MS1i.  You can order on their website - it's about the same price as the SR80i, and IMO it's actually  the better headphone (most people who've heard one suggest that it's around the quality of the SR125i).
    It does have a great mid-range, and is a pretty good gateway introduction to the Grado range.
  7. wje
    Great minds think alilke.  I was going to come back to this thread to recommend the same.

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