Which is better X-Box or Playstation2 ????
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Nov 27, 2001
Im ready to buy, they are both good units
The x-box seems to have everything x 2
what are your thoughts??????
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Check out the games. The one that has the games you like best is the best console for you. For me it would be PS2 (GTA3 and GT3) but that upcoming mech game for Xbox looks pretty sweet too. Just don't buy Blood Wake if you get the Xbox, yuck!
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We just had two threads go by that debated consoles pretty well. Try searching for PS2/Xbox/Gamecube on the General Forum. But in short it's basically just look at the games, and forget about the hardware. Get the console that contains the games you want. Each console does cater towards a specific genre of games. I'd try not to let price be too influential of a factor either. An extra $50 here or there is nothing considering how much time you'll probably end up logging on the console.
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Check out www.videogames.com to get an idea on what kind of games are available for each system, go with your heart not your wallet.
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I'll vote for the X-Box . . . Halo is my favorite and since PS2 doesn't offer it, well, um, X-Box would have to be the winner!


I thought that X-Box was coming out with GTA3, too, or am I mistaken - I'm not in the 'hardcore gamers' loop, so I am not sure - but I thought that that it was going to happen?
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From the geek's perspective: the X-Box - because it can now be modded to boot Linux. So that makes a nice, cheap X-Terminal - which is in addition partly paid by MS. Great! Lovely concept...

From the gamer's perspective: the PS2 - because you really get a whole load of games for it.

From the nerd's perspective: the X-Box, because it's got more features as well as better graphics and performance.

From the smoker's perspective: the GameCube, because it'll have the highest number of funny to silly games.

From the collector's perspective: the PSX, because mod chips are a fine thing...

From lini's perspective: Go and get yourself a good old SX64!

Greetings & grinnings from Munich!

Manfred / lini

P.S.: The CommodoreOne project looks very promising - and they could need some support. I'll add the link, as soon as I can dig it up...

P.P.S.: So here's the link: http://www.geocities.com/cm_easy/

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