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Which is Better RHA T20i, 1MORE Quad Driver or any Other


Which is Better RHA T20i, 1MORE Quad Driver, VModa Zn

  1. RHA T20i

    1 vote(s)
  2. 1MORE Quad Driver

    1 vote(s)
  3. VModa Zn

    0 vote(s)
  1. coldhart
    Im thinking about Buying New earphone as my current earbuds ( Sony xb70ap ) is died. I usually watch movie, Tv Series & listen to a song with lots of bass. My usual go to Genre is Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Rap occasionally i visit the lanes of Classic Songs. I want earphones ( No Over or On the Ear ) with lots of Punchy bass but i don't want to sacrifice all the details. after doing lots of googling i ended up with following choices which are available in my Country ( India ). I don't mind if you guys suggest other in ear Earphone which are in same budget category.
    Choices as per my Preferance
    1> 1MORE Quad Driver
    2> RHA T20i
    3> v Moda Zn

    i chose above earphones because as per peoples opinion they have excellent sound as well as solid build quality. im leaning toward 1More quad driver because its remote works with Android device ( Gonna buy Mi Max 3 or Honor note 10 when they available in My Country ). I will appreciate input of you guys to chose among above choices or if there is any other Good Earphone in same price range they are more than welcome.Thanks in Advance.
  2. Poganin
    If the Quad Driver is anything like the Triple Driver, there's quite a bit of bass there. Triple Driver's sound signature is so delightfully warm. However, I found that they tend to fall out of my ears quite easily due to their weight.
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  3. serman005
    For your interests, I would go with the T20i.
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  4. buke9
    I like the Quads a lot but if you want to go a bit cheaper with as good bass and detail I would look at the KZ ZS10’s just really good for the price.
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  5. coldhart
    I neither heard triple nor quad driver only thing i know from other review is that quad has more details but some say bass is less other are saying bass is refined & better. But all are agree on better build quality & button's functions quite well on android devices which is plus for me.

    I liked t20i alot they look rock solid but is sound quality really that superior to 1more quad which make t20i worth buying even though their remote( Mike n buttons support Apple devices ) does not support Android device?

    if 1more quad really has greater sound quality I don't mind spend more because 1more definitely looks solidly built ( which is good for traveling from overcrowded trains ) n their remote support android which is plus for me.
  6. serman005
    I would not say that SQ is much better for the T20i over the 1More--no. And if you need android coverage, it may not be a very good choice for you. I would add the IBasso IT01 to the list as well. It is somewhat similar to the ZS10 but has better detail and separation, IMO. Outstanding cable. It is worth a read. FWIW. Just my take and other peoples' mileage may vary. Of course.
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  7. Will Chiu
    i agree that it01 should be added in the list
    If you have more budget, the it03 is even better in terms of comfort and fitting and of course sound quality
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2018
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  8. coldhart
    Thanks clearing my doubt about t20i SQ in comparison with 1more quad. I read reviews of IBasso It01 unless I'm wrong I feel that they might be superior to the 1more quad and t20i but Amazon India is saying there will be no warranty in India which makes me worry after spending ~16000 INR ( 228.59 USD). Can you Plz tell me how 1more quads Sound quality compared to ibasso-it01

    it03 is available for ~37000 INR ( 529 USD ) which is way above my budget & no warranty
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2018
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  9. Will Chiu
    Where do you get this price, my friend bought the it03 last month and it was like $240.
  10. coldhart
  11. coldhart
  12. Will Chiu
    Oh I see, then I think you should try it01
  13. coldhart
    But no warranty in India
  14. serman005
    In my personal experience, the IT01 is more detailed and has better separation than the 1More Quad. Just my opinion. Also, I think the bass is better. Lastly, the IT01 is somewhat v-shaped and therefore has a bit of a fun sort of a signature where the 1More is less so, IMO. Again, just my takes and YM could vary. Bummer about the warranty. Build quality seems good and the cable is something you would see on significantly more expensive IEM's. It is really robust and obviously, is replaceable.
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