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Which IEM's have the MOST sound leakage besides the Sony MDR-EX90s?

  1. mrjun18
    Besides the EX90s, what other IEM's leak a lot of sound? 
  2. a_recording
    The Bose in-ears leak a lot of sound by virtue of having a massive port. I'd imagine the B&W C5 would leak similar amounts.
    Otherwise in my experience I could say the Sony EX85 / Brainwavz Alpha's leak a lot of sound thanks to their porting. That, or any pair of earbuds?
  3. mrjun18
    Thanks for replying... I had the ex90 but they broke after a few yrs.... Loved them and they are hard to find. I looking for something that leaks a lot so that so that I can use it as a mini speaker in a way.
  4. nipit
    [​IMG] Strange idea.
  5. KimChee

    +1 that is weird lol

  6. mrjun18
    Yeah I know it sounds weird but its hard to explain... But like If I'm alone and I don't have my earphones on and they are hanging around my neck, or something, if they can be loud enough that I can still hear it as if they were to act as "mini speakers". But not to buy certain headphones that leak a lot on purpose and to use it solely as a speaker or something that would be weird.

    Its hard to explain, but if anyone else knows other headphone models that are loud and leak a lot I'd appreciate it, they could list them I'd appreciate. So far, I know of the ex90s, and the ones listed above.
  7. calipilot227


    So in other words, you don't care about sound quality [​IMG]
  8. mrjun18
    i dont get your post.
    i have the sony ex800's, the shure se425's, the ultimate ears triple fi 10's, and a few other older models sitting around at home. i didnt know there were an actual forum where other audiophiles can talk and share until i stumbled on to this forum while googling. but just asking what other earphones leak like the ex90's, (which are a pair of headphones i really loved/love), it seems like i'm asking too much and i'm all of a sudden "weird" on this site.
    but so far 'a_recording', thanks for the post. any other suggestions would definitely be appreciated it.
  9. mrjun18
    or maybe i shoulda re-worded my question? is there any other iem that has a similar body like the ex90's (inner + outer speaker design) and is very loud?
  10. calipilot227


    What I don't understand is why you would want to listen to your IEMs when they are not in your ears. I have never heard of anyone else doing this (audiophile or otherwise), much less looking for an IEM specifically for this purpose.
  11. mrjun18
    as i'm repeating myself once again, its kinda hard to explain. but if you don't know of any similar iem's that you could recommend, that's all you really need to say.
  12. dantelectro
    The EX90 don't even really leak. I have a pair. It's loud though in ear. Leaking is when you put it in your ear properly and others can still hear what you're listening to. But that doesn't really happen with these in-ear plug designs. The cheap earbuds that just sit at the entrance of your ear leak, like the iPhone earphones.
  13. the wizard of oz
    The EX90's do leak. They're a hybrid canal phone / IEM design. I couldn't use them in bed without disturbing my girlfriend. Real IEM's don't leak.
  14. dantelectro
    It's down to how loud you listen. I couldn't bother anyone with them ever. I think by real you're referring to custom molded IEMs vs universal fit IEMs. I've never owned an expensive custom one but i still find it hard to imagine they wouldn't leak at full volume.
  15. the wizard of oz
    No, I'm not comparing them to custom IEM's; the EX90's just are hybrids, in-between canal and IEM earphones, i.e. they have large vents that leak sound as you can see from fellow member kramer5150's photo:
    They don't classify as universal fit IEM's, as they aren't solely inner-ear; and believe me, if you are in quiet to silent environments, even at low volumes, these definitely will disturb anyone in close vicinity, provided they have normal hearing capability.

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