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which iem shall i buy with warm sig, full bass, smooth highs to work with chord hugo

  1. Sound Eq
    i never owned an expensive iem and recently i bought chord hugo
    I love warm signature and deep bass and smooth mids and not shouty highs but to be detailed 
    I am considering the following:
    1- senheiser ie800
    2- earsonics sm64
    3- heir 5
    4- shure 846
    which of those would be great to pair with chord hugo and get that signature i am after. 
    I listen a lot to synth pop music and electronica, and sometimes metal and progressive rock
    I find in my car at least where i have an expensive system installed where i am using the helix c dsp i found that listening to metal demands a lot of eq on my dsp, and its so difficult to get the sound right listening to metal, because many time the highs can be very shouty and bass muddy like hell and mids lost in that orchestra of chaos 
    so I am after a great iem not more than 1000 usd, and not a ciem as i like to have the possibility to sell them easily in case i don't like the sound sig
  2. Ivabign
    1964 Ears V8 Universal for $775 is an idea - but I don't consider it warm - it is natural, not shouty, and very detailed. Deep and very nimble bass - Metallica sounds great - with synth it barely breaks a sweat...
  3. NawiLlih
    I'd personally give a huge recommendation to the SM64 for electronic music, I haven't heard the others tho so I can't compare.
  4. Tropic
    Shure SE846 for shure.

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