Which IEM or over-ears?
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Aug 31, 2019
Hi all,

I have a query about which IEM or over-ears I should purchase.

I am interested very much in movie soundtracks, and mainly listen to these. Additionally, I listen to a lot of dialogue (podcasts etc.) and am after some really good earphones/headphones for clarity.

I am looking to spend about £200 maximum, no more (preferably less if possible)

I tried the Tin T3 but found their treble to be painful, otherwise really liked the clarity and on certain songs was very impressive.

Over-ear I would consider open headphones but would likely prefer closed to avoid noise leakage.

Any advice on what might be a good idea to go for?
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Well,not sure exactly how much you are favoring closed over open but, given that you listen to a lot of soundtrack stuff, I would actually try to nudge you in the direction of an open headphone because I think the overall listening experience will be much better with that superior soundstage. Just my take. In your price range, there are a number of good options. The Philips X2HR, Senn HD598 or HD599, and the SoundMAGIC HP200 would all work well in my opinion. Maybe read about these and see what you think. Not sure about pricing in your market, but here, they are all within budget.
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I'd agree with serman005 that headphones are a better choice and he's given you some great choices. I still like my old favourite the Soundmagic HP100 (now I think HP151?).

For IEMs I've recently bought the KXXS which funnily enough I've been listening to a lot of movie soundtracks with, especially orchestral genre. These have amazing clarity and detail with the right tip. Vocals are very articulate and clear too.
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If you have a good amp and don't mind EQing the bass up, go with tin p1.

If you don't have an amp and don't mind EQing the treble down, go with the BGVP DM6 or the kanas kxxs if you don't want to EQ.

For this budget I don't recommend going for over ears especially when you already heard the clarity of the BA drivers on your t3 and probably don't have a proper amp to driver over ears.
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Well just goes to show how we all hear things differently as I found the KXXS’s to be on the bright side for me .
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Yes - no amp, though I am considering a fiio m6 or perhaps getting a sonata hd dac, not sure if this helps at all with the over-ears?

Really like the idea of tin p1, but can only get from China shipped and believe they don't work great with the m6.

What about cca c16?

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