Which IEM? Audio-Technica vs Campfire
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Jan 14, 2012
I had the chance to go to CanJam in LA and it was great! I had the chance to listen to many IEMs, but unfortunately not all the models I wanted to try were available.

I use the HD650 with a Valhalla 2 at home and I love the sound of this combination. The budget I have is 400$.

I was looking at these IEMs:
- AT LS200is
- AT LS300is
- Campfire Polaris (tried at CanJam)

I really liked the sound of the CA Polaris and I almost bought it there, but the price is 50% over the budget I wanted to spend. They were very spacious, clear and well balanced and that is the sound I like.
Maybe if I'm lucky I might find an offer/used pairs.

I tried also the AT LS70is and they were nice, but I found that the high frequencies were lacking (mellow? rolled-off? I'm not sure how to define it).

I read a lot of good stuff about the LS200is but not much about the LS300is, with the exception of the latter being warmer (probably due to the additional armature). Unfortunately they were not available to test.

What should I choose?
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I forgot to mention the ATH-E70, the price is very similar to the LS300is and fits the budget.

So the models I'm considering are:
- AT ATH-LS200is
- AT ATH-LS300is
- Campfire Polaris (tried at CanJam)
- AT ATH-E70
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Hi! I owned both the CA polaris and ATH LS200IS before. My aural memory isn't exceptional so take my words with a big grain of salt. The LS200IS has a mid-centric sound signature. The bass is well extended but lacks punch. The treble rolled off gently but isn't muted. Vocal clarity is amazing and both male and female vocals are portrait with good balance. On the other hand, the polaris is slightly v-shaped with a lower-mid suck out. Female vocal sounds vivid and intimate but male vocal sounds unnaturally "feminine" and unpleasant. The bass of the polaris is very punchy with good speed and outstanding textural differentiation. The treble is well extended, clear and articulate. I would say that the polaris is less neutral than the LS200IS but sounds more exciting with genres like modern pop and electronic, while the LS200IS sounds more natural with acoustic genres. Both models are very efficient and will not suffer dynamic compression when running off a low power device such as a phone. The device that I used with both models most of the time is chord mojo.

Haven't heard the LS300IS and E70 before.
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Hi! Thank you for your detailed description! From what I read the Polaris should be better for me between the two. But, considering the difference in price, the Polaris comes close to other hi-end IEMs.
Would you recommend any other IEMs, that I should take into consideration?
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You are welcome! If you like the sound of CA polaris, my guess is you will enjoy the Ibasso IT03 (costs around 250USD) as well. Ibasso recently release their new flagship the IT04, but it costs 500 dollars.

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