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Which iBasso amp is a perfect match for DENON AH-D2000

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by bleep, Feb 3, 2011.
  1. bleep
    Hi i'm currently looking for a portable amp for my D2000 and iBasso seems like a good choice just not sure which model will be best suited for me?
    my sources are a sansa clip and a dsi i only want to use it as a standalone amp and my price range is $200 i was thinking of the D2+ Boa
    Thanks your suggestions will be greatly appreciated[​IMG]
  2. b0klau
    Ibasso does come to mind in the $200 price range, but you could also get the fiio e7 which goes for $100 which is a steal.
    if you're stuck on ibasso, look into the d4 mamba instead of the boa, the mamba price tag was lowered to $200 due to the release of it's bigger brother the D6. If you only want an amp, Look into the Ibasso P4, although $250, this badboy has lots of juice to drive all kinds of headphones.
  3. b0klau
    Forgot to mention the P4 is rollable, so you can adjust the sound to your tastes [​IMG]
  4. bleep
    thanks if you have some time what are your thoughts on the P3+
    thanks again
  5. b0klau

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