Which gym player?
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So after loosing my 1 gig zen stone player I'm after another. Was going to get another stone as for the gym it was great, but then decided to look around.

These were the alternatives:-

Sansa clip

Ipod Shuffle

So have either of those got any benifits over the stone and if so which one would you choose. I'd be using a mac mini (I know for a fact that the stone and the ahem, shuffle work fine but not sure about the clip)

Added a poll btw so please vote.
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I think the clip may have MSC (Drag and Drop), correct me if I am well. The clip also seems to be a favorite, so community support is always a plus, and it is cheap. If you cannot find one, I would go for the shuffle, for the smooth integration with the Mac OS
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you can choose MSC or MTP for the clip.

i honestly would never take a player without a screen. i sometimes have desires to hear a specific song and having to press next would get ridiculous, especially when i have hundreds of songs.

i really enjoy the clip. great sound, fm radio, voice recording, sleep timer, small size, clip...you won't regret it.
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i am not a big 2g shuffle fan, but it is tiny, tough (for gym use) and since it hasn't s screen to be ruined by sweat, dropping or bouncing or balls, or anything, i think it would be a great product for that niche.

i have seen them fall into orange juice and not work for a day and then come alive then a day later or so... no problem with breaking them. clip may have better sound processing but it will be much more susceptible to all the wonders of the gym

edit: i suppose you know that if you really want to work out, you should not use a portable player. no matter how they might make the time past faster, they do not help you focus at all. cable, song, good song, bad song, order, phones coming in out, wiping sweat etc. if you are seriously training, they are not a good idea. if you are just going for a bit of buff, go right ahead
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what workouts do you typically do at the gym. If you are doing alot of track stuff or weights I would recommend a flash player but if you are on a treadmill just put an hdd player in the cup holder.
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Originally Posted by stevenkelby /img/forum/go_quote.gif
I use iaudio U3, 4GB. Researched it very well, and don't regret it. Going cheap on Amazon. May suit you?

No experience with the poll so didn't vote.

I have to agree with you...the U3 is a perfect gym player...and it blows away all the ones in the poll...and it plays flac too. I absolutely love mine...small, light, well built, easy to control with the joystick...and awesome sound quality..
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i got the ipod shuffle clip one because i also own the shure e500 headphones which have the break in the line to put in that (kind of dumb) push to hear thing... but with the short cord the clip is cool to put on the neck of a shirt and there's no cable dangling down. that said, the clip doesn't sound real good, but it's fine for the gym...
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the first line of my post said 'ipod shuffle clip one', and by 'one' i meant instead of the original long thin shuffle which IS known for being better sounding than the full sized ipods... why is that? i've read that lots of places, and i assumed it had a better dac, or lacked the degrading crap before the headphone out that imod does away with. but i do believe my original shuffle sounds pretty darned good... but the new ipod shuffle sounds bad, even with aac 330...
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the 1g shuffle and clip have very similar dacs that have headphone driving powers, but they both opted for a push pull output. the benefit is really only found on low imp phones. on larger phones with high imp, all daps shuld sound roughly similar.

few players oustide sansa clip and express and, 1g shuffle and sony 600-800 can drive low imp phones properly - answer actually is none
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Originally Posted by antiman
the first line of my post said 'ipod shuffle clip one', and by 'one' i meant instead of the original long thin shuffle antiman

Ok, I thought for clarity it was worth asking as the clip is a seperate player in its own ight and the shufflenever gets refered to as a clip, so I thought you were mixing the two layers up somehow, and if not, I tought it was helpful to provide clarity for any noobs reading.
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honsetly I wouldn't work out with iems unless they are cheap; it is extremely easy for an iem to come loose because of sweat and vigrous movement and end up under a shoe or weights; if you work out with another person they are also a pain to manage.

whatever player you get make sure it is cheap and durable.

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