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which Grado?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by knopi, Apr 10, 2011.
  1. knopi
    Hello head-fi friends and mainly Grado fans, 
    I have sold my Alessandro MS Pro two years ago. Honestly I regret it, I miss that sound ooh a lot. Grado have so charm sound (at least to me) it grow in your heart, quitars, emotion, airy, crisp, quick, sound like wind.
    I can only wish that Joseph will release another thousand pieces series of the HP2i but it is not real. 
    I am more than happy owner of the Audeze LCD2. But you know no headphone is perfect and for me the best headphone would be probably Audeze Grado Westone in one. I did not hear every headphone for example (K1000, HP2, HE6).
    There are Grado Magnums, HP2, Alessandro MS1000, GS1000i, PS1000. It is the headphones I would like to try.
    From impressions here MS1000 is very close to MS Pro Ultimate which I deaply loved from short experience.  So MS1000 seems to be right option and for good money.
    Grado Magnum. I do not know. I have had Grado HF2 and I did not like it, it was actually first Grado which I do not like, sounded too much different a lot of bass and warm. I am worry about that Magnums will be similar.
    GS1000i many people say here recessed mids and PS1000 a lot of bass. And supposedly MS1000/Ultimate mids OK and no a lot of bass which I like. (It is very objective of course due to the everyone have different equipment).
    HP2. Problem it is expensive from second three four hand and hard to find excellent condition.
    So I really do not know because without hearing I am lost. I have chance to try PS1000 in store in my country I will bring my equipmenrt and I will see.
    So what Grado fans recomend? Impressions out of the quality equipment are very welcome.
  2. pcf
    Any reasons you left out RS1 from your list? That is the one that maybe you should try before any other models. Many still regard it as the best Grado. Even better If you can find a pair of vintage one.
  3. Kevin Brown
    Why not just get another pair of the MS Pros?
  4. knopi
    No reason. I had only short experience with RS1 and I thought my pair of MS Pro was better and there is chance to get Ultimate mod for MS Pro so RS1 is out for me. Vintage RS1 it is the same story as HP2, it is years old and you will have to have luck to find great condition.
    Yes MS Pro is option but if MS1000 is really very close to Ultimate than I do not want to waste my money.
    HP2 and PS1000 have many lovers who will hardly chnage them for something other. So I  just want to find top Grado for me which will be for me the one and end.  
    Evidently I have my head [​IMG]
    pcf you have fantastic Grado collection. What is your horses? Except nos HP2i of course because there no chance to get these legend unfortunatelly.   
  5. pcf
    The modded HP-1 is my main headphone now. Apart from that, I like the vintage RS1 and  black 325 very much. I have mixed feelings about PS1 [​IMG]- I like their sweet and rich mids but the bass is a bit too boomy and soft at times.  Recently I got the Magnum325 and am very impressed by them too. They are still breaking in and I am also waiting for a replacment gimbal so will do more listening later on.
    All of them are either discontinued or modded versions . Out of the ones that we can buy from Grado readily, I think PS1000 are the best. They are very good all-rounders. A bit on the heavy side and tend to slide down the rod from time to time, otherwise fairly comfortable. Not a bad choice at all but they could be cheaper though.
    Mind you, I am lazy about amping and usually just use my default "made for Grado" amps for all of them (HPA1 and Melos Sha Gold). My impressions might not be accurate as a result. Other amps might brings out something different from these headphones.
  6. knopi
    That's great thanks [​IMG]
    The modded HP1 do you mean by Joseph himself? Let know about Magnum325 in future. I wonder what is their sound character.
  7. bumblingbooby
    I've not heard any of Joe Grado's headphones, more's the pity but I've heard and owned a few of John's including the RS1i. If price isn't a consideration for you and it doesn't appear to be, I have no hesitation in recommending the PS1000. I think it's a wonderful headphone. You should give it an audition. 
  8. pcf

    Yes, I meant Joe himself.
  9. pcf

    Joe's headphones are a bit different from John's. Give them a listen if you have a chance. Like to get your opinions on them too. :)
  10. KEVIN101
    You guys are really into this
    i have just purchased first i pod
    i will burn in lossless
    i want to get grado amp
    how can i bypass the dac in i pod what will i need 
    thinking of getting grado 225
    anyone have experience with those altoid amps   ie little amps 
    put in altoid tins
    they advertise that they use same parts that grado amp uses
    kevin sussex nj
  11. Germancub
    I've always found the RS-1/RA-1 combo to be ridiculously good and wholeheartedly recommend it to anybody looking for Grados if your wallet can accommodate it. :)
  12. Kevin Brown
    For their price, I don't think the Grado amps are that great.  Documented elsewhere here.  I think you can do much better for the same or less money.
  13. chrislangley4253

    1) to bypass the dac you will want to get a line out and a portable dac and an amp.
    2) some altoids amps are pretty high quality. I recommend the JDS labs Cmoy BB version
    Side note - I don't really think Grado's need amping in all honesty. I'd wait to get an amp till you've had the headphones for a while.
  14. PanamaRed


    Is pre RS1i considered vintage?
  15. pcf


    There are many different versions before RS1i came along. Not all of them are considered vintage. Please see the following guide:

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