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Which earphones are the best for techno/trance music?

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  1. djbasketball1
    I listen to lots of techno/trance music. I was wondering what the best earphone under 200$ for this kind of genera  of music would be. Please help!!
  2. yello131
    There is no such a thing like "best"
    For me best is one thing, for you another...
    For under 200 you can get RE252
    Radius DDM (HPTWF11)

    What do you like, Dynamic drivers or Balanced armatures?
  3. DJGeorgeT
    for this type of music, I recommend super.fi 5 pro or triple.fi because they shine with your type of music.
  4. yooss
    I've heard that the A900TI is the best headphone available for techno/trance but it's a headphone and it's a little rare[​IMG]
    I agree, SF5pro will suffice.
  5. Antony6555
    Ck10, for my taste. Note I don't like bloated bass, instead I like speed and lots of detail for trance. You'll have to buy used.
  6. yooss
    It actually comes down to preference too. Actually I enjoy trance with my re-zero too

    (stupid android keyboard, doesn't let me write I, it converts it to If)
  7. maudemaude


  8. Confispect


  9. djbasketball1


    What are re-zero?
  10. yello131
    RE0 come from a Chines manufacturer Yuin:
    Here is their website
  11. imadedend
    I listen to a LOT of trance and bass-heavy music, and I have to say stay away from Shures. Unless I plug them into my computer and bass boost the hell out of them, i simply can't hear a single bit of bass. I own the se310s, and they're around your price range (at least they were when I bought them), so if these are any indication you'd need to go much higher in order to get any better. Just a warning.
    If you want to go all out and break the bank, the Westone 3's or Sennheiser IE8s are perfect for trance, house, etc, but are upwards of $300. The IE7s are similar to the IE8s, cost less and sound only slightly worse apparently, so you might consider them. 
    Klipsch make some nice IEMs that are quite bassy too, but you'd have to ask about specific models as I've only had brief experiences with them.
  12. Starsky5000
    For $200 and under the Future Sonic Atrios would be a good fit for the kind of music you listen to. I have the Future Sonic Atrios and non of my other earphones/headphones (Phonak Perfect Bass, Audio Technica CK7, Sennheiser Px100, and Koss Portapro) were as engaging and fun to listen to like the Atrios.
  13. matchuk28
    i listen to lots and lots of trance the ie8's are great huge bass nice lush mids for female vocals in progressive non fatigueing and wide sound stage for the effects
    i have also tried listening to re0's shure 530 and tf10's rezero is hopeless for trance others are good but just doenst have the bass impact sennheiser gives (similar to festivals and raves ive been to)

  14. mvw2
    Most likable for techno is the Triple.Fi 10.  It has excellent bass, treble, and sound stage, very fun to listen to for techno stuff, more so than most everything else I've used.
  15. Sengoku79
    I have klipsch x10s and they are great for this kind of music, great bass and fantastic highs can be a bit muddy in the mids at times but when amped really shine.
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