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Mar 24, 2009
Hey all. I'm an IE8 lover (the sound sig is just spot on for me, with sparkly highs, good low, mids I'm not so worried about as I don't really have music to exploit the mids lol, big soundstage, good presence, enough detail and good imaging, good separation) looking for the next step in my IEM journey, and I've decided to plunk it all on customs

The question is, which customs are the closest to the IE8? I hear that maybe these should probably be the Futuresonics EARS? However a friend of mine said that I should look into the ES3x or the JH13pro, as he says that it does everything better. Not saying it has the same sound sig, but a "higher" sound sig, so to speak. I don't mind this either, as long as the lows become better and the highs sparklier, even if only a tiny bit.

any recommendations?

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I have a UM3X, which is the universal version of the US3X. I think it's great. But the buzz out there is the JH13 is the one to beat.

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