Which computer speakers should i buy?
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Jun 30, 2010
Im deciding between Audioengine A2 and A5 also the PSB Image B4 or PSB Image B4 Compact. I have a $400 budget. Wondering what speakers i should get? Any recommendation is appreciated. Also were can you buy used speakers, in the US?
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well those psbs will need power, so i'm assuming you already have a receiver or whatever and are down with other passive recommendations.  try looking at the behringer 2030p as well.
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Im actually in the market for studio monitors myself.  I took a listen yesterday to the BX-5a's and several others.  For just a bit more $$$ the JBL LSR2325's and the Mackie MR5's sounded better then the BX-5's in my opinion.
I think I may actually go with a DIY project to fit my personal needs.
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then what about the M-Audio BX5 compare to PSB Image B4?
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+1 to the Bx5as. 
I haven't heard them in comparison to the Mackies, but they blew the A5s away. Note that haveblue's pic is of an older model of the Bx5as--the new ones look much nicer imo. 
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What sub will go well with the BX5A? And will a A/V Receiver be good?
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Im leaning more on BX5a now. What will make a good 2.1 set with them?

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