Which Comply tips fit Music Valley SP1? TX100/TX400?
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Mar 14, 2009
Hey there guys, I was wondering, which Comply tips fit the Music Valley SP1? The Olive clones supplied are kinda hard and available only in med, which might be a tad big for my ears.

From my digging around, it seems that the Olive Foam clones supplied in the pack might be able to fit the SE350 (from an ebay listing), and I was wondering if the reverse also works (SE350 Complys with the SP1 = TX100).

Though through practical testing, the Olive Foamie clones also fit (tightly) the SoundMagic PL-11 that I have (thus the NE-7M), and according to this logic = TX400.

Most of the reviewers here on the SP1 also mention that Sony Hybrid tips work well with the SP1. Following this line of thought, again = TX400.

So anybody have actually tested Complys on the SP1? Which ones fit best?


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