Which company makes the best car speakers?

  1. Narayan23
    Have you been able to compare them to other brands? I´m interested in your experience, thanks.
  2. ProtegeManiac Contributor

    I'd add a bit more and spend my money on Focal instead.
  3. Ra97oR
    Briefly looked in into car audio not by choice but was due my front speakers dying. Swapped them out for some Focal PC165 and was happy with how they sound.

    However I am glad that my car really doesn't allow for going deeper into another moneypit. No one with the right mind would add the weight back to a semi stripped out factory track ready car just to hear some music when stuck in traffic. Good for my wallet I guess.
  4. Muinarc
    You just aren't hardcore enough! You need to add all that weight and offset it with MOAR horsepower.

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