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Which CIEM for a beat hungry Brit?

  1. John1UK
    I have read lots of huge threads on IEMs and CIEMs but because there is so much choice I am a little confused about the best way to proceed.

    I think I would prefer the CIEM route due to the isolation and from what I understand I can use them at a lower volume and reduce the risk of hearing damage.

    I like to listen to most music that has a decent beat to it from classic Motown to hard house and just about anything in between.

    Based on the info I have seen the Unique Melody Merlins seem to be one of the best options and offer good boom for the buck. Though I am curious on the more experienced IEM users view on their forthcoming 3dd model. I was looking at the acs t2 but I think based on what I have seen described of the audio profile i think i would prefer something like the Merlins.

    Are there any other options I should be considering based on this being the top of my price range?

    Any help would be greatly received
  2. lin0003
    Your 2 main choices will be the JH16 and the UM Merlin. Even though I haven't hear any of those, the Merlin is supposedly more boomy and the JH16 is hard hitting, but not as boomy. Personally, I just went for the UM Miracles and am waiting for them to arrive. The 3DD will not be as good as the Merlin. Oh, and the Heir Audio 8.A is also an option but is probably out of your price range. If you want the 8.As, there is a Head-Fier selling them for $900 used. If you are buying used, Heir Audio is probably the way to go with their warranty transfer policy. 
  3. DaeO
    Being in the uk, I'd give Cosmic Ears a look. Based in Sweden it does pose as much VAT and customs for delivery, and the prices are very competitive. I've ordered my first CIEM from them last month after waiting for over 3 years! They have hybrid models too which may suit your bass needs!

    Good luck!

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