Which Beyerdynamics for Hip-Hop Instrumentals?
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Jul 31, 2013
Hello. I make hiphop instrumentals and looking for headphones I could use on my laptop. I have a studio with monitors and amps at my friends house where we mix out tracks but looking for some headphones to create music while I'm at home on my
Laptop (so it would have to have the small jack). I'm looking at the Beyerdynamics but don't know much about which ones I need for hiphop music. Would also like to know which Ohms version I need. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Sorry, I was on my phone when I posted this and it didnt tell me the warning above about the Help & Recommendation section. Please delete this thread.
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Thanks for your reply. Wouldn't headphones with heavier bass just lie to me about what the low end sounds like? Sorry for the newbie question, but what is the difference between 80 and 250ohms?
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You want either the 880, which is pretty neutral, or the 770. The 770 extends deeper and give a bit more quantity. So if it sounds good on 770s it will sound good on a typical hip hop consumer eq setting.

Thing is, the 770 is closed back and isolates much more than the 880, but the 880 is actually the more neutral headphone.

The ohm rating is just that, ohms. A part of the sensitivity factor. Simply put, higher impedance phones have lighter voice coils, making them "faster" but harderbto drive.

80 ohm version is more for drummers, it clamps tighter too on the head., I'd stick to the 250 or 600 ohm versions.
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For mastering content, I would suggest the DT880. You want neutral when it comes to creation and mastering. Bassy and other fun stuff is for listening to the final product.
That said, I wouldn't get the Beyers for what you've described. I would keep it simple, and look for basic flat studio monitors:
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Thanks for all the help guys. One more quick question. Do the beyers or the others mentioned need an amp or can I connect it to the regular headphone jack of my laptop?

The Beyers will all need amplification to be worth their purchase. You can get by with the 32ohm versions of any of them, they will work without an amp. But even they benefit from an amplifier if you want to get the full capability of the headphone (when spending $200~300, why would you not want to get every drop from it?). Since this isn't a portable setup, it makes it simple. You can get a simple USB DAC/AMP that will take care of all of this. Grab a used Fiio E10 for example. Or even just grab a Fiio E09k (or used E9, they go for cheap).
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