Which Android apps can pass bit-perfect USB audio?

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by gimmeheadroom, Sep 2, 2018.
  1. gimmeheadroom
    I know there are threads about this but I didn't have much luck in searching.

    Are there any Android apps that can turn your device into a USB transport and just pass bits out the USB port for decoding by a separate DAC?

    And is there anything besides UAPP (I think that's the name) that works with Tidal hifi? Thanks
  2. Zenvota
    Other then uapp, not that I'm aware of, i use uapp
  3. gimmeheadroom
    Thank you
  4. Roseval
  5. gimmeheadroom
    Thanks. Not sure what this means. If you can play over USB to a DAC why is the playback limited to 96KHz? Where is the bottleneck?
  6. Roseval
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  7. gimmeheadroom
    Thank you

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