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Which amp to pair with my opus#1?

  1. facethemusic88

    I have the Opus #1 and would like to set it up with a portable amp running a balanced connection. I only use IEMs of low impedance. No headphones.

    Have been looking at the RSA Protector, Alo Rx Mk II, FSA fireye hdb and the JDS C5.

    At this moment, I am leaning towards the Protector given the high praises it has received over the years. Seems proven, solidly built with quality components. The others are in descending order of preference.

    The only issue with the Protector will be the balanced kobiconn connection. I am not entirely sure how to connect the two correctly.
    There is a balanced (2.5mm) & a 3.5mm headphone/line out on the Opus. As for the Protector, there is a balanced(kobiconn) and a single output. Before I jump to get a good set of cables, I want to be absolutely sure.

    Please let me know what your thoughts are should I set it up as above. Any comments/suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  2. facethemusic88

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