which amp to get? fiio e5 vs fiio e1
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Sep 15, 2009
okay, I'm consdering either getting a fiio e5  (possibley with a LOD cable) or a fii0 e1.
head phones I'm looking to amp is a pair of JH 5 pros
I've read that over all the e1 is a bit better than the e5, but I also do a fair amount of listening on my laptop. My other main source, as you might assume, is an Ipod (2nd gen I think, ipod touch)
So I guess what I'm asking is the e1 that much better than the e5, and would getting an LOD cable (would most likely be their l1) make up for some of the difference/be worth it?
bit of a vague question I know, but any input would be appericated.
sorry for the spelling errors, my browsers spell check isn't wanting to work, and I'm to lazy to paste this into a word document to fix the errors.

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