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Which amp for HD650

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by cyberathlete, Jul 25, 2011.
  1. CyberAthlete
    So in my previous thread it was established that I should go for the HD650. Which I will, but they stated that I would need an amp to get the most out of the headphones.
    What's the best amp to get for them? Let's go with:
    Budget $100:
    Budget $200:
    Budget $300:
    Please note:
    80% use with my PC (Creative Titanium X-Fi Sound card) - Games and Music

    20% use with my Harmon Kardan AVR225 Receiver - Games and Movies.

    0% use with portable audio products (MP3 players, iPad, laptop etc)


    Thanks again!


  2. CyberAthlete
  3. PanamaRed
    Budget $300: Little Dot Mk III (~$240 shipped)
  4. keanex Contributor
    I would avoid the uDAC, there's some pretty bad press about them as of late.
    For your $100 budget the FiiO E9 should be able to adequately drive it.
  5. Ultrainferno
    OTL. Bottlehead Crack
  6. Gradofan2
    Millett Hybrid MiniMax - just a phenomenal match!
    It will end your search - you won't be second guessing your decision!
  7. CyberAthlete
    Thanks although some one also recommended Little Dot MKIII I will read up on both although reviews on the Little Dot MKIII are really positive for the HD 650. Thanks again everyone for the recommendations!
  8. slifferstorm
    I would advice you a Lake people G93 (about 250$ I guess), or a G97 Amp but maybe a little bit expensive for your budget. Lake people amps are really dynamic , dry and precise, and they partly solve the problems of the headphone (even if I love this headphone, I admit the sound is a little veiled and "flabby": the lake people clearly wake it up!). Moreover, I think an amp like a littledot would make the sound of the HD650 too warm, I think. Personally my HD650 is coupled with a lake people G100, which makes a great job.
    BTW Sorry if my english is not perfect :) .
  9. Mottom
    I really enjoy my Schiit Asguard ($249) with my 650's. I have also listened to a friend's Bottlehead Crack (with the speedball option - total $299) and love the tube sound there too. Can't go wrong with either. Good luck...
  10. CyberAthlete
    You know I was reading on the Schiit Asgard review on CNET and they were raving about it. I may look into that one..thx!
  11. wwmhf
    Mating 650 with a tube amp is good way to go, especially if you listen to jazz/vocal.
  12. TakashiMiike


    The OP should not be buying a portable amp, regardless of budget. Also I strongly disagree with your suggestion.
  13. Ultrainferno


    x2. No fiio ever fore me
  14. tdockweiler
    I didn't like the E9 much with the HD-650. Same with the Asgard. Well, the Asgard was OK, but I prefer it for the HD-600.
    My favorite amp for the HD-650 is Headroom Micro Amp. Strangely it also seems to have good synergy with the AKG K601/K702, which is what I wanted.
    The E9 is just "OK" for the HD-650. The HD-650 definitely won't be at it's best. Seriously, it had better synergy with my $99 Total Airhead. I wish I was joking!
  15. Ultrainferno
    Listen to two 1000+ headfiers [​IMG]

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