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Where to upgrade from Hifiman RE-272

  1. Bina
    I was living with my Hifiman 272 for past year and I was really happy with them, but now I want to get something little better. I have my JH16 customs, but I use these just at home.
    I'm looking into universals, with reasonable price from 400-600$, so no AKG K3003 or Sennehiser IE800 for me. I'm little lost in todays High-end universals market, so I need some help and directions from you guys. From newer models, I only listened to Westone 4, I think they are upgrade over Hifimans, but I really dislike their sound presentation.
    I'm looking for:
    Really clean sound, without too much coloration.
    Fast and impactful bass, but low to medium quantity (so nothing like Sennheiser IE8 quantity)
    No forward mids.
    Highs with some spark, but not too harsh.
    I will be using them with Cowon D2, sometimes amped with Fiio E17.
    From some search, I'm now focusing mostly on Phonak 232 and Heir 4.Ai. Are there any other IEMs I should look into?
    I'm also waiting on new models from Hifiman.
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  2. tinyman392
    Add the UE 900 to that list maybe (similar sound to the 4.Ai though based on what I've read).  I would also wait to see the new RE 600/RE 400.  Both are coming out within the next few months :wink:
  3. Syld
    The RE600 is coming this month...
  4. ZARIM
    The IEMs like Sony EX1000, 4Ai, PFE232, UE900 and CK100Pro are great upgrade over RE272. I will recommend the DAPs with lineout like iMod iPods, Sony F, A, S series walkmen(WM-Port) for better soundquality than D2 when AMPed.

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