Where to purchase the 2.5mm connectors for hifiman 400i?
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Apr 25, 2016
These are the connectors that plug into the headphone.  I've searched digikey, mouser, partsexpress and can only find one or two and they're really basic/ugly (see below)
Maybe I'm not using the correct search terms.
I'm not in any rush, im just looking for a quick project and thought building some cables would be it
On a side note, anyone know why the image embed icon is telling me that jpg is not a supported format?  I had to attach them as files. Ugh  
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I couldn't view those for whatever reason. I purchased these last week. The tips are silver and the body is black.
And they fit well in the 400i.
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Thanks, those look nice and switchcraft is reliable.

I didn't realize you could use 2 connector versions. My 400i's have 3 per plug. That opens up more possibilities.
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Digikey has female 2.5mm, not sure these are what you want


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