Where to buy ART DI/O?
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Apr 29, 2002
For the love of God, where can the ART DI/O be found these days?
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I got mine for $119 off ebay about half a year ago. It's brand new, full warrentee, and works greats. Last I heard, the cheapest place around was fullcompass.com, selling it for $125 (i live in canada, and their intl. shipping was quite expensive, so i didn't go with them)...the item might not be listed on their catalogs, so email them about it.
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hehe *cough*

not thread crapping or anything......but I also have one for sale along with Bolder Type 1 Cables and the Stancor PSU.

Email/pm if interested.....thanks.
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oh "chosen one" -

where did you see this deal at Sam Ash? nothing listed at this time as far as I can see.

also, how can a "closeout" be "backordered"? does that make sense?


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It's not on the Sam Ash website. You have to call to make the $99 request. In their current catalog it's listed as closeout.

When I called to order, they were sold out. But they placed an order for more units as I guess many other people wanted them.

I placed the order last week. If you're interested in this, I'd call asap as you never know when they'll stop taking orders.
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damn. i thought i was done upgrading for a while. but the ART DI/O has always intrigued me. now that i have a source with a digital out, it is hard to pass up at that price. of course, that does not include all the necessary cables and tweaks.

man, when does this stop?

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LOL! I hear you.

But for as good as the ART is stock, the REAL DEAL is when you have it modded for $200 by Wayne at www.boldercables.ocm.

After the mod, it's been universally accepted to take your equipment to the GIANT KILLING stage.

A cheap Pioneer dvd player with a modded ART has been shown to sonically outcompete a $3000 Sony 777es sacd player!

Check HD for these type of reviewer shootouts.

LOL! YES , this hobby is expensive! I'm out $15k so far this year!
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Not to go too far off topic, but I'd suggest that those reading the Harmonic Discord forums take some of the reviews posted there with a grain of salt. Gathering from the reviews I've read there, much of the regular crowd has a strong tendency to search relentlessly for giant killers (even where they don't exist). It seems that most people at AudioAsylum share my view. Some of their favorite hyped-products include nOrh gear (especially the speakers and Le Amp monoblock) and the ART DI/O. This isn't to say that the products they hype don't merit any praise whatsoever, just that you're more likely to find their reviews over-hyped and misleading than at some other websites.

Just to make this post have some relevance to the original question asked, I'd suggest checking Audiogon.com frequently as people sell modded and stock ART DI/Os occasionally. Some of those sold feature copy-cat modifications for less than the price of a "professionally"-modified DI/O.
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Point taken. But I beg to differ (and forgive me for saying this but slightly suspect as you're a mod on a competing audio site). All audiophile boards have their favorite manufacturers b/c people who own the equipment tend to congregate there to discuss issues. Look at avsforum with the Diva/Rockets.

Sure hyping up any product can be taken with a grain of salt (but actually even hyped audio products are actually QUITE good). But when a product like the ART di/o is shown time and again to excel in professional magazine and amateur audiophile reviews, then the benefit of the doubt lessens. The next step is to take a measured risk of buying the product....and....hopefully everything will bode well. Most online companies have a money back guarantee to lessen the risk. Of course, there's nothing like audtioning for free.

The people who conducted the ART shootout are VERY experienced audiophiles who took their time to take different equipment and do as unbiased a review as can be done. And it was done in a group setting. To me that shows more validity than an ad-supported magazine review written by one 50 year old person with tin-can ears from all the music abuse. The reason most mags don't dish dirt is for this $$$ reason. And I must admit I can see their catch-22.

As in all things, one must use their head. The better one's research and the more evidence that's added to the pool, the less likelihood one will get burned.

Again, online companies offer trial periods. So the risk of losing out is minimized.

As for myself, Harmonicdiscord.com has allowed me to create a state-of-the-art system that would make the most hard-core audiophile drool. IMHO, it's one of the best sources for good audio info. out there. Also to your point, "others in AudioAsylum.com will share my belief on this" as well.

.............but back to topic again. The ART di/o (especially modded)is a TRUE SERIOUS value product. Any amount of web research will prove this.

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Although I see that my post as written might have implied that I have little respect for the Harmonic Discord forums, I did not mean to come off this way. They're fine forums and the other Dan G who is moderator of those forums is a great guy. The reviews are very helpful and they seem very honest to me. It's just that it seems that many of the regulars there are heavily influenced by expectations as opposed to unbiased listening results. I too have much contempt for most professional magazines.

Furthermore, please understand (and I think this goes for all the moderators) that I don't think of any forum as a "competing" forum -- none of the moderators make any money off of this forum, particularly one who is spending lots of his own money to support it (Jude). It's a little silly to assume that we get competitive since we aren't "competing" for anything or anyone -- if you want to visit a forum you visit it. If you want to post, you post.

Finally, the DI/O has proven itself to be a serious contender among many fine digital sources, but I can't help but be extremely skeptical when someone claims that it "beats" the $1500 Sony SACD player which has also been hailed as a product with very high value even in redbook playback.

Okay, now really finally (
), while many lovers of similar equipment may congregate to the same forums once in a while, this doesn't seem so true of most audio-enthusiast sites I've seen. Much of the discussion at Audio-Asylum and Head-Fi is revolved around long debates arguing for and against the merits of specific products, usually between people who own different equipment. If there's a clique mentality at forums, it's rarely around specific electronics but around specific interests -- at Head-Fi it's headphones, at Harmonic Discord it's generally speaker equipment that's reasonably priced, at Audiogon it seems to be the very high end, and Audio Asylum has the specific forums which form their own cliques (the Cable Asylum crowd vs. the Digital Asylum crowd, for example). Some products get hyped here too -- the Melos SHA-1 had its hey-day a few months ago, even longer ago it was the Sony MDR-CD3000. More recently the buzz was about Audio Technica headphones. Now people seem to be talking about Virtual Dynamics cables. But this doesn't mean that people gather specifically to talk about a specific power cable or headphone, but to talk about audio in general.

All I was saying is that I've found that some of the most-frequent posters at HD, including those who posted the DAC shoot-out, seemed quite biased and didn't provide many concrete details to support they hype they generated. In the end it really is all about what you hear, but some people seem to direct people where to look with more conventional arguments than others.

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