where to buy 40 or 50 mm drivers

  1. BearAudio
    This is my first thread on hear i just like making things in general and Ive set my eye's on making a over the ear headphones only problem cant find where to get the drivers so if you got any clues to where i can get some it would be greatly appreciated
  2. El_Doug Contributor
    these are very popular for DIY headphones
  3. Nixon
  4. khbaur330162
    Those ribbon tweeters might be mono-pole. If they are you'd need two sets of drivers and you'd have to swap the perforated magnets on one of the pairs for the non-perforated magnets on the other.
  5. BearAudio
    Thank you so much for replying quickly a other question which one would you thing be better for electronic music
  6. khbaur330162
    SFI's are tough to squeeze any amount of bass out of. Not that it's impossible, but do your homework if you go this route. The detail from the SFI ribbon's would be nice, but the dynamic drivers will most likely produce more thump. 
    These are also cheap and sound good. You can just use the drivers and scrap the housings.
    What do you plan on using for headband, pads, etc?
    Btw, sorry for the late response! >< Completely forgot about you. [​IMG]
  7. BearAudio
    well for the casing i have resource to use a foundry or make them out of wood. the other things i haven't decided yet, i just had an idea if you hooked up 2 drivers together one big and one small could you attach a resistor so to make a smaller speaker only work on higher frequencies, sorry if i sound like a idiot I'm new to this stuff trying to learn a lot before i go to school for it  
  8. khbaur330162
    Nope, not at all. It's been done before, though. Check out the AKG K340 for a relevant hi-fi solution to your idea. Not to say it can't be done, it obviously has and pretty darn well, but most of the drivers you'd be looking to work with for this project handle the full audible spectrum pretty well. It's not really necessary. You often see speakers divvy up frequency bands due to the massive amounts of air that they need to push in order to fill a room with low frequencies at any real amplitude. High frequencies are also hard to produce with the relatively large, massive cones you often see used as subs and midrange drivers. Given the small, semi to fully sealed ear chamber most headphones are dealing with their efficiency tends to go off the charts in comparison and we don't have nearly as much of an issue with any of this.
    Access to a foundry?! Jeebus, we're making the entire headphone except the drivers? To keep the weight down wood might be better for the housings, but I really have no idea what you're working with here.
    I've thought metal 12" rulers could be nice used as headbands. Wire hangers or something could be used for yokes to attach the cups to the headband, or simply L-brackets mounted on the housings to allow for some degree of pivot.
    That would be just about the easiest format to follow for an adjustable headband assembly built from scratch that doesn't have any obstruction to the backwave.
  9. YonnyMestampo
    Hello from the future. I need to get a L300 frame like the one shown in the picture. Do you know where to buy it?
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  10. khbaur330162

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