Where should i start with burning in my new pair of headphones
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Oct 6, 2015
Hi guys, just bought a new pair of Sol Republic Track Air, read many reviews that they are good but mine just way less than good so im kind of disappointed . When turning off equalizer, bass is not strong enough, when with equalizer it's slightly muddy in bass. Bass is way too warm and tight, it also doesn't fluctuate much( from low bass to heave bass, it sounds kind of the same ) Mid are not pretty good, treble is okay. So i started the burning in with pink noise file for 40 hours now, still haven't notice any changes yet. Any suggestions ? tks 
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If you believe burn-in is going to help the issue, there's not really much else you can do besides what you're doing. I would maybe just play pink noise overnight or while you're at work/school at a volume around your listening level for a while. Then otherwise just use them when you're around. 
I ran a whole regimen of burn-in (white noise, pink noise, frequency sweeps, silence) on my Grado HF2 after I bought them. Don't think I really heard a difference even after 500+ hours of that regimen. I have heard some slight settling effect during "burn-in" on speaker fuses and RCA interconnects, but that's about it.
(Maybe you just don't like the sound of your headphones.)
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If you don't like any aspect of the headphones sound prior to break-in it's not going to transform into a different sound signature during that time frame.  I've never heard a night and day different from hour 1 to hour 500... if you're still in the return window I would look at something else based on what you've stated about the sound thus far.

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