Where is World Peace? Discussion Forum turns out ugly
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Dec 30, 2008
As a head-fier members, I am really enjoying reading the post and discussion. But recently few Threads have turned ugly. I really lost my apettite to read on to some few threads, which I been followed closely.

When discussion no longer discuss in good manner, stirring negative emotion and provoke a offensive/defensive position. (It's sucks)

Is there a possibility to plead for World Peace, be more understanding and slow to anger, polite in all manners possible, be forgiving in some harsh words wrongly emphasize? More focus on the Thread objective and scope of discussion.

(Sometime. the piece of headphone stuck on the ear.. not nice is not nice, why need so many mathamatics to argue it and end up ugly.)
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I'm not sure what thread you are referring to if any in particular, however an unavoidable conflict comes from disagreement. For instance a thread discussing world peace for example may be fine and dandy, until someone doesn't want world peace, a difference of opinion will always spark tension.
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Report it and move on, or just move on. Depending on how nasty it have gotten.
No need to sit around reading and get provoked.
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It is too bad when threads derail, but there are a couple of things you can do about it.

For one, you can report rude, harassing, etc. posts to the moderators. There are a lot of threads and a lot of work for these volunteers, so they don't always catch a thread when it goes off track. If you report it, they usually take a look and save it, if possible.

Second, make a constructive post in the thread to try to get things back on topic. Don't attack anyone, just try to steer the conversation back where it should be. I try to do this whenever possible - sometimes that's enough to get the serious posters back in and the thread back on topic.

Most importantly, try not to attack or get into it with people. Even the members you disagree with are usually nice in person. There's one member I disagree with that I met at the meet last Saturday. He's a really nice guy. I like him a lot personally. I might disagree, but I'm not going to beat up someone I like.
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When a thread start to go interesting and back to focus sure have some tom, dick and harry here to spoil party...
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Report posts. That's the best thing you can do. Mods don't have the time to read and browse through every single thread and post, and by reporting things you'll make their job a lot easier. Don't overdo it and report every post in which someone disagrees with you or flames you obviously but if you want to take a stance against trolling, then this is what you do.

Other than that, head-fi has a lot of immature members and there are going to be flame wars and bad vibes all-around. No, there's really not much that can be done practically other than to kick out troublemakers one at a time. This is being done now more than it was in the past and things should, with time, improve.
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Forgive and forget, the ignorance, and stay above the hassle...

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Well, you found out why there can't be world peace, because people can't even be peaceful in a forum. Seems there can't even be word peace. *BOOM*TISH*.

[size=xx-small]I came up with that bad pun mis-typing "world".[/size]
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Originally Posted by ztsen /img/forum/go_quote.gif
When a thread start to go interesting and back to focus sure have some tom, dick and harry here to spoil party...

I knew it! That damned Tom, Dick & Harry! They always spoil the party, what with their 'idiot dancing'....honestly, if they weren't conjoined twins (thrins?) we could really sort them out...
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*resists urge to post lyrics of the Ballad of Dick and Jane*

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