Where In London to listen test headphones?
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Sep 30, 2018

Where in London or Guildford can I try out a large selection (or a limited but carefully curated selection) of closed back headphones?

ZMF and Focal Are both high on my list to try.

Really struggling to make sense of people’s comparisons on here as I’m new to this and so have no benchmark With over ears.


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I live close to Guildford and I have never found anywhere there to test the headphones that you read about on here. There is a place I found though which is really good and will give you exactly what you want. It is a place called HiFi Lounge and they are based north of London on the outskirts of a town called Biggleswade. https://hifilounge.co.uk/product-category/categories/headphones/

It is about a 1hr 20min car journey to get there from Guildford. They have a number of rooms at their premises that they use to show and demonstrate high end audio equipment. They have one room there set aside for headphones and desk top amps/dacs. I went there just over a year ago to test a range of headphones with a view to buying a pair. I was there for just over four hours and you are free to test out whatever headphones you want for as long as you want. They have all the big well known brands and models there and you can easily immerse yourself in what is literally an Aladin's cave for audiophiles. They even bring you a cup of tea and biscuits a few times during your stay.

Once you start listening to all the different headphones you soon to get to hear all the differences people write about on this site and you also get a taste for which type of sound signature you like. At the end of that visit I had narrowed down by preference to two headphones; The Sennheiser HD800s and the Focal Elear. In the end I purchased the Focal Elear as this overall suited the type of sound signature that I liked. I also came away with a big appreciation for the Grado se325 which I bought a while later.

I am going there again in a couple of weeks to test out a few Astell & Kern Daps. I am seriously considering getting the Kann Cube, but I want to ensure I like the sound before I drop £1,500 on it.

It is important that you make an appointment first to ensure they can fit you in, but I would definitely recommend this place.
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Deferenz that’s incredible knowledge! Thank you for the detailed reply they have clearly made an impression. This is exactly what I was looking for. I’ll bring a micro SD with some tracks on, looking forward to the trip!
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No problem. Glad to have helped.

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