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Where does the iPod 5G rank in 2012?

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by perplexed, Jun 12, 2012.
  1. Perplexed
    So I bought me a 5G iPod, and due to weird circumstances with Amazon and eBay I'm now in possession of both a 30GB and 60GB. 
    Loving them both, but that's the issue - I can't decide whether to keep one, and if so, which one to keep.. :\ The 60 doesn't feel chunky, but the moment I pick up the 30 I think "ooh yeah this is so thin :D". When I go back to the 60 I don't then think "wow this is a brick", though, if that makes sense, I just keep marvelling at the cuteness of the 30GB :)

    For anyone who's never compared the 5G and 5.5G side by side, btw, the clickwheel on the 5.5 seems to be of the same black plastic material as the rest of the iPod (maybe because the 5.5G was heavily used?) whereas the untouched 5G has a distinctly grey and soft clickwheel in comparison. Also, this thing with the screen brightness - 100% brightness on the 5G = 60% on the 5.5G. So, yeah, the 5.5G can be brighter, but it really doesn't matter at all. The entire 30GB is thinner than the metal backing of the 60GB, by the way :)

    Obviously when the Video came out it was darn epic, but how does it hold up nowadays? I bought mine for £65 in completely mint condition, and I'm wondering if that was a waste and I should have just gone for a new 7G classic or some alternative brand player from Sony or something?

    All thoughts are most graciously welcome:
  2. Donnyhifi
    As a proud owner of a 64GB(swapped 30GB HDD drive for a 64GB CF Card) 5.5G diymod I have to admit that the headphone out is quite bad. It sounds quite a bit better using a line out to a descent amp(FiiO E11 or better), improves even more with the diymod with quality caps.
    If you are just comparing the headphone out of the 30GB to newer quality players such as the Cowon J3, iPhone 4/4s, new Z series Walkman etc ... you will find that the newer players are a nice step up.
  3. Perplexed
    So for the £65 I spent on the iPod (which I'm assuming I could get back if I sold it in the still-mint condition?) is there anything else worth getting instead? You mentioned the Sony Z, for example. I don't want to spend much, and I'd like about 30GB memory.
  4. tds101
    If all you want is 30gb or so and great sq I'd say get a Sansa clip+ or clip zip. They go up to 8gb internal, can easily use a 32gb micro sdhc card, the files on the card are fully integrated into the players library, and they both do gapless. Plus they're both inexpensive.

    There's no need for a super expensive and highly modded rig for your needs,...

    And if you Rockbox them they really sound equal to players costing hundreds of $$$ more.


    And if the players are Rockboxed they can use a 64gb SDXC card,...kinda sweet.
  5. Perplexed

    I'd only be saving about £20 over the iPod (which I bought for £65) though, so isn't it worth just keeping the iPod? My main question is whether there's something *better* than the iPod video for under £80? The Sansa players have a pretty shoddy UI imo.
  6. tds101
    When I say to keep what you have, you question it. When I give you an alternative, you question it. Do what's best for you. I'm done,...
  7. Perplexed
    Chill out, I'm just not foolish enough to randomly do what others say without first questioning it :)
  8. AlexP
    So do this without questioning it.
    Do you plan to use your player in the gym or for running?
    If yes, get rid of both iPods and get a Clip+ or a Clip Zip with a 32gb card. Rockbox it.
    If not, get rid of the 60gb iPod and keep the 30gb 5.5gen one. It's slimmer, newer and in better condition. Rockbox it. When the HD goes bad you'll replace it with a larger SSD, the prices will have gone down a lot by then.
  9. Perplexed
    The 60gb is the one in better condition (it's practically brand new due to being kept in a pouch and controlled remotely), so from that I'm assuming I should just keep that one?
  10. AlexP
    Ah, my bad, I misread.
    It's not as clear which one to keep then - probably the 60gb, depends on how bad the condition of the 30gb is.
  11. Perplexed
    30GB was so bad I've now got a refund for it, so I'm stuck with the 60GB :) I don't see much point in getting another player for < £65 as the chances are it'll be smaller, but it'll have less memory and a worse UI. iPod it is. Now I've got to collect the case for it from the Post Office.. stupid signed delivery
  12. skipgap
    The clip+ can sound pretty good with lower impedence hp's ( like 16-32ohms) but i think the Apple Core software and dac of the Ipod would trump the Clip+. I don't think apple would make to many mistakes. The 5th generation is supposedly the best sounding ipod. There has also got to be a reason why so many like the 30 pin (LOD) of this ipod as well . If you were to buy a dock to plug to your stereo in the last few years, they usually had this ipod in the photos when they were selling their 300-700 dock.  
  13. tds101
    Actually, the clip+ and clip zip DO sound better than the iPod 5.5G. The 5.5G suffers from bass roll off, the clips don't.

    All the other stuff is opinion,...facts are facts. I owned all the players we've discussed,...the clips are actually the best sounding. I gifted 2 5.5G's,...
  14. skipgap
    I have the clip+ w/ hd25-1 ii and it sounds flat to me somewhat, I'm starting to think i have to get IEM's now. No synergy. What are you using for headphones?
    Edit: Just put rockbox on. Here's what I did. Now I see the potential
       SOUND SETTINGS with HD25-1 II in mind.
        Enable EQ
        Low Shelf Filter GAIN 0..........get it out of the way....I trust sennheiser.
        Peak Filter 1 ...90Hz....Q..2.1......Gain...2
        Peak Filter 2 ...210Hz...Q..3.1.....Gain...-1.0
        Peak Filter 3....4kHz....Q..1.1......Gain...1.0dB   Preference
        high Shelf Filter ..........Get it out of the way at first. Set it at 21kHz w/ a Gain of 4 and scan the frequencies coming down . Be patient and use as many songs on shuffle to do it. A MIX OF SONGS. Keep the freq at a very high level to get more of an airy sense. Very perceivable.
         It just might work with other headphones if your bass is not so pronounced already. It's like I pulled decades of earwax out.
  15. Perplexed
    I don't have headphones (far too bulky to carry around in a suit jacket). I use Etymotic MC5 earphones instead. I can't see myself getting headphones in the near future, either.

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