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Where do you purchase your equipment? Specifically genuine products.

  1. City
    Hi head-fi members, I'm planning to purchase an IE8 due to the overwhelming positive reviews the earbuds have received and after looking at a couple of websites I cannot for the life of me tell genuine from fake.  $400 is a pretty high price to invest in and when most locations don't offer refunds its a high investment so I was simply wondering if the members have any specific websites they use that are reliable and trustworthy. In case this helps I live in Canada, Ontario and it would also be amazing if anyone knew of websites that allowed returns.
    Also reseller ratings show this website as a pretty reliable website so has anyone used this store? http://www.accessoryjack.com/sennheiser-ie8i-in-ear-headphones-for-iphone-black.html
  2. melro
    I always buy my phones from them and never had problems, it is a great store with great service and products are original.

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