Where do I go now?
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Feb 9, 2008
Well, I just got the DT770/80 Pro's yesterday, and plugged them into my SB Live! 24 Bit(Internal), and fired up my FLAC library on WinAmp. They sound great, but only after messing around with the EQ. They seemed flat, and not really a whole lot of deep bass. I'm guessing my 5 year old SB Live! isn't cutting it.

Now I am confused on where to go next. Do I get a new sound card, like the Bluegears b-Enspirer, or do I go straight for an amp? If so, which amp would I get because I really would like to keep this under $125, give or take $10. It doesn't need to be portable because I have no portable player.

Any help would be appreciated.
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You should upgrade your source first, but you need amp for your cans, so I say get cheap amp like CMOY, Mini^3 or Headsix first.
Then later upgrade your soundcard to external DAC, like Alien USB DAC or Zero DAC.
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you can try the M-Audio Transit USB Mobile Audio Upgrade 24-bit/96kHz (around $80, sounds pretty nice) + Little Dot Micro + or Little dot II
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Go with a Mini^3. It is the most amp you can buy for $125 new. The Mini^3 won't drive the DT770 quite as well as a more expensive desktop amp, but it will do the job quite well. Alternatively, if you are lucky you could possibly find a used desktop Pimeta for around $125.
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I've seen the Creek OBH-11 and the first generation Musical Fidelity X-Can sell in your price range. Both are good enough to make a difference. I'd also keep an eye on the For Sale Forum. You might catch a bargain on a used DIY amp - many of them sound excellent and are carefully built by someone who truly cared about it. Don't be put off by a misaligned screw or a drip in the paint.

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