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Where did "mark forums read" go?

Discussion in 'Feedback & Bug Reports' started by drewfus420, Aug 24, 2010.
  1. drewfus420
    Another change in the board, another complaint...
    What happened to the "mark forums read" button go when in "all new posts"? It seems to be replaced with a "subscriptions" button...
    Bring it back please
  2. Uncle Erik Contributor
    I think there are some changes underway. I wasn't seeing the "new posts" button, but it's back now. I'm seeing the "mark posts read" button, too. Maybe try a refresh.
  3. KingStyles Contributor
    Actually i was coming to start this thread, but since it is already here, I will say I hope that they implement the mark forum read agian.
  4. balderon Contributor
    Yes I see a couple of new features. The "mark (ALL) forums read" button is back. For me, it's at the top and bottom of the forum listings. It guess it was deleted when your visit any specific forum.
    I do like the forum navigation "tree" at the bottom.
  5. KingStyles Contributor
    Forum read button doesnt appear if you are looking under the new post option. If yoiu are on the forum main page or any of the main forum pages there is a mark read button. Please bring back the mark read button on the new post pages.
  6. krmathis Contributor
    Yes, please bring back the "Mark Forums Read" button.

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