Where can I try out HPs in Zurich, Vienna and/or Munich?
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May 19, 2015
Im mostly interested in Audeze EL8 (closed back), Momentum V2, B&W P7 and in some dimension in Vmoda M100(but I think they are harsch in the highs too). I hear from the users that Beyerdynamics and AKG are treble heavy, I have such experience with AKG K545 and back in time with AKG K317. Those AKGs should be listened carefully although very detailed, I like them but I get fatigue and my ears get hiss for long periods of time and hurt. The K545 lacked the beauty of the female voice also.
So I want natural HiFi HPs which could play equally good EDM and folk music. Also strings rich music to be pleasent not to hurt me.... I dont had that high heavy feeling with Pioneer HDJ1000 at all even at very very loud levels, but they are not HiFi.
So that time I want to try out more good and quality HPs by myself, where can I do that, please help!
P.S I use iBasso DX90 (with no EQ, the EQ in DX90 kills everything, I dont like the EQ) 
Thanks in advance!

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