Where can I get binaural ocean recordings?
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Jun 5, 2003
After listening to the binaural Ultrasone sampler that is posted elsewhere on the forums, I was amazed at the realism of the track with the waves and thought this would be a great type of thing to have when reading. However, a Google search yielded a bunch of recordings containing "binaural beats" which I have no interest in.

Can anyone recommend a recording/source of ocean waves or other purely natural phenomena that are binaurally recorded?

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Originally Posted by xnothingpoetic /img/forum/go_quote.gif

I did a quick google search and found that.

Just scroll down to the bottom. They seem to be $16 each CD.

Another link to more nature sounds on same site, with order link:

You know, I found this site but the homepages says catalogued CDs listed in the old system are unavailable, and I believe the links you provided link to the old system.

Does anyone know the current status of http://www.binaural.com ?
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Originally Posted by Duggeh /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Quiet American's Maritime Suite.

Free download, awesome recording.

great linkage, thnx.

these sound amaaaazing!
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Heres a great site will tons of binaural nature cd's. I'm sure there's some ocean recordings on there somewhere. I bought one of a storm rolling into the jungle. It's great to fall asleep to.

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Besides 'quiet american' (that really contains a lot of very good binaural recordings) have a look at 'sonic studios' website'. The records by Leonard Lombardo are particularly awesome. And don't miss a file named 'Dogchili' ... :wink:
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I am sorry I misread your post. The link I added does not lead to ocean recordings. But I hope you already found some nice ocean sounds ...

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