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Where can I find foam tips for KZ ZS6

  1. nhftk4320
    I have the Shure SE425 which have great sound and isolation and I recently bought the KZ ZS6 for cheap-travel use. These don't have nearly as much isolation as the Shures obviously, but one of the reasons is the silicon tips.
    I was wondering, where could I be foam tips for me KZ ZS6?
  2. serman005
    Have you checked to see if the Comply tips might work? You could always go to their website and see if you can't find some tips that would meet your needs (isolation and fit, I presume, would be near the top of the list).
  3. buke9
    Look For New Bee tips as they are made to fit just about all earphones. The Comply T-600’s will fit the ZS6’s but not too tight but useable.
  4. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Try the NewBee tips available on Amazon. I have them for my ZST.
  5. buke9
    What do you think of the ZST’s? I have them also and would like to hear another opinion on them if we can hijack the thread for just a bit.
  6. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Pretty good beater for the money but it's still a beater. Really shouty upper midrange but I don't mind since I'm using Neutralizer with Spotify (and Neutron for locally stored, non-Spotify FLAC). What I like is the fit...when it fits. It has that kind of shell that blocks out the sound but the shape of the side that goes against the concha isn't as well thought out as, say, my Aurisonics ASG-1.3 (which is modeled after actual CIEM data that Aurisonics had), and the eartip sizes are a little off. If my ears have a bit of sweat/oil/wax they slip out easily since the medium tips are a hair too large and there's a part of the shell that helps push it out when the fit isn't good.

    Foam tips are a little better and temper the shoutiness a bit but basically it helps the fit because it compresses a bit more (and probably closes the bore a bit, which explains the reduction in the upper midrange response) and the foam material isn't slippery, so it doesn't act like that shape in the bottom as a wedge to get out of my ears. My Dad uses them too and he has no fit issues and doesn't have a problem with the midrange, though that latter part could be because of his hearing at his age.

    Overall I'm not sorry about spending $15 on these (plus $6 for the 6pr pack of tips).
  7. buke9
    Thanks for that I tend to agree with you on them on the upper mids being shouty but just find the mids have little body to them but what do you expect for the price? If they could mix the ATE and ZST for the same price that would be a winner. The ZS6 is more pricey but still pretty dang good for the money I like them better than th 1 More Triples but the debate is still going on over the Quads. Have a great day.
  8. nhftk4320
    First place I've checked. Sadly these particular iems aren't supported by them at all. They don't have any offers with the ZS6 in their site

    About NewBee: I don't really know the company, Will they fit the ZS6 perfectly? And which ones?
    About comply: What do you mean "not too tight but usable"? Do they fall off?
  9. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Comply doesn't list them because they only check for bore diameters on the more mainstream brands. Doesn't mean they can't fit, nor that you have to go and try everything Comply has until you find one that fits.

    Just go into the ZS6 or KZ thread/s and check if anybody has tried a Comply they have lying around so you'd know which Comply model fits.

    I got them for my ZST since they showed up on the Amazon suggestions. Still needed a bit of using tweezers as spreaders but that's better than them falling off. Also even the bundled tips needed that trick.

    If the ZS6 has the same bore size as the ZST then you can fit these on there.
  10. pleven4ever
    Gearbest sells KZ 3 Pair Sponge In-ear Earbud for Earphones - BLACK for $1.58+shipping, and since they're the manufacturer, those should fit to the ZS6. Here's the link.
  11. onevstheworld
    You can also find cheap foams on Aliexpress. Not sure of the quality but I'll probably take a chance when my Complys need replacing.
  12. Riro
    Hi. What is the diameter of kz zs6 nozzle?
    I think this is usefull to know what tip really fits.
    And, again, what does it means ..t400 ...t600?
  13. Riro
    One more: is the kz zs6 alluminium's housing equal to kz zs5 ones?
  14. Arsis
    No definitive answer on this?
  15. BenH1984
    In case anyone also finds themselves here.

    I have the ATEs, ZSTs and ZS6s. I had a pair of ZS10s (I sent them back because I couldn’t reliably get a decent fit with such a huge enclosure and when I could I wasn’t impressed with the sound).

    All of them I’ve had Comply T-500 tips on which fit fine. You need to squidge them on a bit (the technical term for it...) but once you do they fit fine and to my ears provide a much better fit as well as smoothing things out just a little (in a nice way without losing detail).

    I’ve got some of the New Bee tips arriving today because you get twice as many for 1/3 of the price as comply. I’ll let you know my impressions.

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