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Where can I find 4-pin XLR Female to 1/4 TRS Male adapter?

  1. brunk
    Where can I find 4-pin XLR Female to 1/4 TRS Male adapter? I've tried doing a forum search and google with no luck. My headphones are terminated in a 4-pin XLR and would like to use them as single ended with other amps. Help!

    EDIT: I should also mention that I am NOT going to pay $100 to downgrade my headphones in single ended lol. I'm looking for the cheapest, prefereably pre-made cable adapter available as it's only going to be used as a means to end.
  2. tim3320070
    Making one yourself for about $15 is your best bet- it's terribly easy and will sound identical to the $100 version.
  3. brunk

    Ok, that's great. Can you point me in the right direction for the supplies? Thanks.
  4. tme110
    You can buy the parts at radio shack or Amazon etc.
    Blue jeans can just make one for you if you want too.
    Only since I have thier headphone cable I bought a q-audio cable connector and it was only $40.  I say this because the q-cable is my favorite cable even if only for ergonomics and feel - but there are lots of options.
  5. brunk

    Thanks. I shot them an email for a quote.

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