Where (and why) to buy Grado SR-80 around Houston out of stock
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Mar 12, 2008
I wanted a decent headphone since I've bought the creative EP-630 IEM's, because they let me for the first time appreciate all the details in music. That must have been almost two years ago now.

After reading a lot I figured that something out of the Grado line was perfect for me. But since I live in Belgium, Europe they're really difficult to find. After a long search I've found them, but the cheapest SR80 was 139 EUR or $189, wich I thought was too much, knowing they cost $99 in the US what is around 75 EUR!

So I started looking for another "fun" and upfront HP with a descent bass response.

After reading a lot here I bought the Beyer DT990 Pro, from thomann.de for 139 EUR.

But now a fellow student is going to Houston and she asked me if I wanted electronics from the US.

Although I am REALLY, REALLY pleased with the beyers I am very curious to the "grado-sound" and I allso like the retro design.

But are the grado's worth another 75 EUR after I just bought an open HP? Are they complementary enough to justify the cost?

And if I decide to ask her to bring a pair, where can she find these in stock. I've read on the forums about guitarcenter (and there is one in Houston), but they don't seem to sell grado's.

So, the question is twofold: "should I buy them and were can I find them?"

Thanks in advance!

(Don't mind to correct my english/spelling, I'm willing to learn
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Ok, since I saw the Grado modding thread I decided I really want to have the SR80. So now the question is narrowed down to: "where can I find Grado SR80's in stock in or around Houston, Texas?"

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