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When we need a break from music: Recommend your favorite podcasts!

  1. JxK
    I'll start. Check out www.ted.com for a slew of interesting talks, debates, and lectures.
  2. Br777
    WNYC's Radiolab
    this week in tech (and for that matter.. any podcast on the twit network :wink:
    I love watching TED Talks as well. I happen to listen to lots of podcasts. The ones I Iisten to most regularly are:
    WNYC's Radiolab
    BBC Digital Planet
    BBC Documentaries
    Econ Talk
    The Moth Podcast
    NPR Wait Wait Wait.....Don't Tell Me
    BBC Science in Action
    BBC Business Daily
  4. SiriuslyCold
  5. phaboman
    I love "The Moth" live story telling series.
  6. Uncle Erik Contributor
    I'm not much into podcasts, but am a regular listener to NPR and the BBC.  I also like spinning the dial for shortwave, but there's not as much English content out there as there used to be.
  7. boomana
    This American Life. 
  8. iancraig10
    I'd recommend ''Behind the Lines" for people into Progressive Rock and Genesis. First hour you get a good mix of stuff, then an hour of Genesis then another hour of a mixture. 3 hours of free music and some real quality stuff coming out from there in 160 KBS so not too bad.
  9. JadeEast
    Just a few of the ones that I listen to.
    All in the mind - Australian public broadcasting show about brainz.
    Big Ideas- TVO Canadian series of essays and lectures.
    Popculture podcast-NPR.
    On the Media-NPR series about media.
    The sound of young America- PRI 
    Search Engine- Interweby culture from TVO
    Ideas- CBC radio 
    Spark- CBC radio series about online and assorted culture.
    Stop Podcasting yourself- 2 rambling guys who are quite funny talking about stuff.
  10. Zarathustra19
    I only have a few that I listen to.  I've actually whittled it down to three since I stopped working over night with the option to listen to my ipod.
    Dogwatch Cigar Radio - A weekly podcast about cigars and funny news stories (*)
    The Stogie Review - A video podcast about...you guessed it, Cigar reviews (*)
    Basic Brewing Radio - A weekly podcast about brewing beer and mead (*)
    The Survival Podcast - A daily podcast about survival skills such as gardening, shooting, and prepping for disaster
    Totestrieb Records - A very intermittent podcast about the new black metal being released on Totestrieb
    Beerguys - A podcast about three different beer reviews including banter
    The New Yorker Short Fiction - Usually three short stories and commentary on a weekly or biweekly basis
    *podcasts I still listen to regularly.
  11. virometal Contributor
    I heartily recommend The Ricky Gervais  Show. It is the poor soul, who has not been introduced to the sublime wisdom of Karl Pilkington.
  12. Calexico
    I listen to the Geekbox at geekbox.net and the Giant Bombcast at giantbomb.com.
    The Geekbox talks about comics and TV shows and other general stuff.  Giant Bomb focuses on games.  I'm not really much of a comics/TV show/games guy but they have fun conversations which are nice to pass the time.
  13. ShyFroggy
    Okay I'll try to narrow this down to my favs, and also to ones not already mentioned, because I subscribe to tons.  They are in no particular order
    Tech Related (gaming, computers, tech news etc)
    *sorry that right now these are all gaming podcasts, usually I listen to more variety.*
    EZ-Mode Unlocked: Gaming podcast, very casual, very funny.  And don't worry, it is not yet another podcast consisting of "what are you playing, news, the end".  They have a unique format that is a lot of fun, and involves the community.  I've "known" the hosts on forums and the like for, oh, 4 years or so.  They are awesome people, and very funny.  There is an AMAZING community at ezmodeunlocked.com.  Not only are there awesome forums (again, have known many of these members for years) but there is also an accompanying blog.  Please give it a listen!  Once you get to know them you won't be able to stop. 
    Gamers with Jobs: This is also a really great podcast, completely different feel from EZ-Mode.  Intelligent conversation on interesting topics related to the gaming industry.  I don't "know" the hosts or community like I do over at EZ-Mode.
    Weekend Confirmed: Shacknews' podcast.  I don't care about Shacknews really, but this is Garnet Lee's new podcast!  Enough said.
    Non-Tech Podcasts
    PRI: To the Best of Our Knowledge: I love this podcast.  It is so incredibly diverse.  I mean, what other podcast  addresses so intelligently and in such an enjoyable fashion issues ranging from Autism, Reviving Classical Music, Psychodelic drugs, Caveman (exploring the finding that we, modern humans, are 1 to 4 percent Neandertal), Reality, etc.  
    BBC All Things Considered: A great podcast that explores spiritual, religious, philosophical, and moral issues. Examples of past podcasts address issues such as Human Trafficking, Suffering, Prayer, and then episodes focusing on individuals such as Claire Bertschinger, Nicholas Evans (Pilgrim and Painter), etc.
    Speaking of Faith: I know religion is kind of taboo to talk about on forums, but this is an incredible podcast that is so open-minded, thoughtful, thought-provoking, etc, that I had to include it.  It is not all about religion (and by religion, I mean all types of spirituality, from Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Humanism, Native American Faiths, Buddism, Agnosticis, and Atheism)   For example, there are episodes with titles like "Alzheimer's, Memory, and Being", "Mathematics, Purpose, and Truth", "Play, Spirit, and Character", and countless others.  She interviews astronomers, theoretical physicists, religious leaders, controversial thinkers, etc. Krista Tippett is perhaps the best host I have ever heard.  She asks deep, provokative questions, has a wonderful voice to listen to (I often listen to this as I go to sleep) and comes with an open mind and with an amazing amount of knowledge.  This podcast does not advocate for any belief system; it is, as it's official description says, a conversation about religion, meaning, ethics, and ideas.
    NPR: Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!: A hilarious weekly current events quiz show.  Check it out.
    Ok, I'll try to remember to edit this as time goes by.  Remember to check out EZ-Mode Unlocked!
  14. Pudu
    Also a big fan of Wait Wait and Cartalk (I miss those guys), The World, and Marketplace. And I have just started digging into Building a Library.

    But my favourite podcast has to be The Infinite Monkey Cage.


    Absolutely brilliant stuff!
  15. SiriuslyCold
    Can't believe this thread wasn't updated with 2014's runaway podcast hit, but I guess people were keeping to the three year intervening period between posts (well, sorry 'but that)
    +1 Wait, Wait... and +1 for TIMC
    If you like TIMC, you will love 
    If you love movies, you will love Wittertainment the world's best Movie review show 
    but you might need to read this Witterpedia before starting.

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