When does K701 come?
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clutz, are you going to the meet?
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Originally Posted by Clutz
Well, it could very well be that Todd has fewer customers. Headroom seems to have many employees- and Todd is both the President and Gofer. While both Todd and Headroom are equally well known at Head-Fi- it may be that outside of Head-Fi that Headroom is better known.. For one thing, if you do a google search for Headphones, you're more likely to hit Headroom than Todd the Vinyl Junkie, and Froogle links to Headroom- but not Todd the Vinyl Junkie... Mais, je ne sais pas parce que je ne travaille pas pour pour Todd ou Headroom.

That makes sense... well, that's better for me getting the 701's quicker! I guess if you look at it as sales per employee, he is doing better, huh?
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just checked, I'm order #66. placed my order on Jan 16. Let's hope I make it
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#69 Jan 18. I'm cutting it close.
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Anyone call Todd in the past few days to see when the shipdate will be for the ~40 K701 he's supposed to receive from AKG this week?
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Just talk to Todd a few minutes ago and the cut off date is Jan 4th.
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I made the another thread regarding the possible shipment date based on my conversation with Todd this morning.

If Fedex drops off the headphones today at 3PM then he said will try his best to get it packed up and shipped by 4PM, hence him charging the cards early. If not he will most likely get his shipment in on Monday.
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Originally Posted by Clutz
Did he have any idea when the next batch was expected?


He said to expect the next batch from AKG to be on a more regular schedule so no more waiting around for months. He mentioned 1-2 weeks.
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Originally Posted by jamesp
Just talk to Todd a few minutes ago and the cut off date is Jan 4th.

Figures, my order was placed at 3:48pm... January 5th...

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