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When can we have next Calgary Canada Head-fi meet

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  1. hakushondaimao

    Prefer weekends. Can'd make March 29 or April 25, but am okay for pretty much any other Saturday or Sunday in March or April.
  2. mikoss
    Anyone have any news or ideas for venues/dates?
  3. semaj8james
    I was just thinking of this yesterday! I think at the beginning of summer or around there Calgary should have another meetup!
    Edit: Quickly skimming back I realized that earlier might be better! Count myself in for one and another friend as a second!
  4. I Love BMW
    +1 the earlier the better!
  5. Flee727
    My friend in Canada should be interested, I'll definitely tell him.
    Still haven't decided the date yet? How about Apr.18 or 25?
  6. swich401
    I can't personally do the 18th, but I can probably do the 25th if someone is driving down to Calgary from Edmonton on that day and if I can hitch a ride. I'll bring my Schiit Wyrd, Schiit Gungnir, upgraded Bottlehead Mainline, and HD800's. I can also bring my Objective 2 amp for comparisons.
  7. Flee727

    My friend lives in Edmonton but he doesn't have a car.(sad)
    I may consider joining the meet, though I'm not enthusiastic with headphones and iems any more :)
  8. mikoss
    We really need someone to just lay down a date or two lol.

    I just got my LCD-3 fazors. Also lots of very nice tubes... Telefunken CCa's, Siemens CCa's, PCC88 pinched waists... I have a WA2 to roll them in as well.

    Someone bring a nice expensive amp to test drive the LCD 3F's. So far all I have is the WA2 and a SE cable. Sounds magnificent now though haha.
  9. I Love BMW
    Damn... So much gear lol. I wanna hear it all
  10. hakushondaimao
    Month of April is a write-off for me, as is the first half of May. Can bring the following if it's after May 15:
    Amps: JDS Labs O2, Picollo, E12A
    DAP: X3ii
    Cans: K7XX, HD598, SHP9500, HM-5
    IEM: B3 Pro 1, MA750, XBA-H1, new T-Peos Altone 150
    Nothing too high end yet, but still fun to try.
  11. swich401
    How about we just give everyone some lead time and say one of the days of May 30 or 31, June 6 or 7.
    We really just need to find someone who is a student at U of C that can book a room either in the library or in the student's union building [​IMG]
  12. I Love BMW
    Those days work perfect for me...
  13. furyagain
    I have been  away for a long time.
    I usually book  using this.
    Last time I Used   SH 274 at Scurfield Hall building.
    Best room, close to the exit  and parking.
    ofcause it does cost money like 17 per hour,
  14. furyagain
    if it is 31 or june 7th, I may be able to show up...
    as I only have time on Sunday.
  15. hakushondaimao
    Those late May and early June dates work for me.
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