Wheee! HD580s just came in
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Oct 14, 2002
I came home from school today and found that my long awaited Senn 580s had just arrived. They're currently burning in, but I couldn't help doing a quick comparison between them and my old Senn 495s. It seems the 580s are easier to drive since I don't have to turn the volume up as high to get the same loudness, and they're more comfortable when wearing glasses. Brand new there's a definite improvement with the bass and midrange, but I haven't listened enough yet to comment on the other stuff. Soon I'll get to listen to all my CDs again, something that will take several days of non-stop listening joy! Happy happy joy joy!!
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Congratulations, and at the same time you poor soul. You are now on the long (or short) road personal financial bondage. Take your 580s and run away.....fast!!

So, what amp are you going to lust after first?
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Fortunately (more or less) I already have an amp that one of my friends built. He makes his own speakers and crossovers and also dabbles with amps and pre-amps. I'm definitely thinking of the DIY route when it comes to amps since I have pretty good soldering skills and some basic electronics knowledge, but I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet. Whatever I end up doing it should be fun.
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Thanks, you guys are so nice!

Right now the headphones are getting a steady dosage of Metallica at a medium-high volume. I stuck Master of Puppets in my CD player and put it on "endless repeat mode". It'll be playing loud metal music 'till I get home from school today. I've been reading on the board that it takes something like 50 hours for them to break in, which works out to about 3 days for me since I'm not going to have them running at night when I sleep, I have enough trouble sleeping as it is!
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put inside a big shoe box, wrap the box in many towels. put inside another box. put box in bath tub. throw a blanket over it. close bathroom door.
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Congrats on your purchase...

If anyone needs to burn their headphones in, in a hurry... drop me a PM, I could have an MP3 just for you... a series of bass test tones (which end up almost in a musical way... obscure)
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Congrats ! The 580's are sweet cans. In addition to an amp there are a few different worthwhile cable upgrades for the 580. Just in case you have any money left...

wallijonn - LOL ! Sounds like you've done this before
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andre, i just assumed (
) that aerius' "endless repeat mode" meant a portable cd player. in which case he can just stuff it in with the phones and the portable amp.

if he lives in a cold climate, he can stick the cans in a big winter coat (like wrap it inside) and then squish the other coats around it and close the closet door.

have you ever run down the rechargeable batteries on your wireless toothbrush (once a year)? if you don't remove the tip it makes a racket. and just stuffing it in a drawer doesn't stop the noise...

i can't imagine aerius' dreams if he should be able to hear the faint sound of metal 6 hours after going to sleep. me, i can't sleep unless it is absolutely quiet. the best rap song i ever heard was in a dream. upon waking up i noticed that it was the crickets outside which triggered the dream. and a frightening ufo/alien nightmare was triggered by a truck's idle-ing engine flapper exhaust 2000 feet from where i was sleeping.
i can't sleep near traintracks

presently listening to Bolling: Concerto for Classical Guitar and Jazz Piano
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Well, the burn in time is almost done, but I've been pretty busy these last few days with projects and work and haven't had much of a chance to listen to them. I'll be taking care of that tonight before I go to sleep, so many CDs, what do I listen to first?

Here's kind of a funny thing, I can't fall asleep well if there's too much noise, such as a set of headphones burning in next to my bed. However I've lost track of the number of times I've fallen asleep while listening to my Senn 495 headphones. I'd wake up in the middle of night with my headphones still on my head and the music still playing. Go figure.
No weird dreams though, I just get dreams of being at the concerts of the artists I'm listening to when I fall asleep.
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I've learned not to mind noise, I sleep with my computer running in my small room. Thankfuly (sort of) it's a crappy intel system with all of two fans and I can't overclock, so i leave it as is. Still noise though, and I also don't mind having my window fan or AC going right next to my head. Infact, I have to use an MP3 wake-up program now, since I'm totaly immune to my alarm clock. It got to the point where I'd wake up fifteen mintues after I was suposed to and find that the alarm was off. Sometimes if there was a glass of water on the table between it and me, it would be on the floor.

Anyway, congrats on the new phones. I hope you'll tell us what you think of them. (I'm a noob trying to choose a set.)
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It's not that I'm a light sleeper, it's just that I can fall asleep, whenever I want to.
It's sort of weird. A lot of the time, I just wake up, 5 minutes before my alarm clock, and just stare at it until it goes off.

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