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What's Your Alcoholic Drink of Choice? // Drink Discussion

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  1. jodgey4
    On the other hand, a good tequila on the rocks is a bold and some would say classy move, if you're into that. I'm not a fan of mixing many drinks, I try to watch my sugar intake. So I drink most stuff on the rocks or neat.
  2. lookingforIEMs

    My friend ordered a vodka mixed with sprite. Didn't taste any alcohol at all lol. It certainly tasted a lot better than the vodka alone however.

    I did try some whisky too. Very woody although I must admit it was some cheap house whisky. Are the higher quality whiskies as sweet as I've heard they are?
  3. dreambass
    I agree, maybe over time the it will grow on me. A work pal was bragging about the quality of his 12 year Whisky whilst we were working away but this brought the same reaction, that was 2008!

    Somone mentioned Vodka, i tasted many types working in europe, all straight never thought i would come to like it. Gotta be on ice .
  4. lookingforIEMs
    Vodka felt like drinking turpentine
  5. dreambass
    Tell that to the Polish, its rude not to join in and my arm didn't take too much twisting.
  6. lookingforIEMs
    Is wine any good though?
  7. dreambass
    That's a matter of opinion i guess, i dont really drink it
  8. PalJoey
    Bit of a broad question, as 'wine' could mean anything from Thunderbird or Buckfast to vintage Chateauneuf-du-Pape, with a hell of a lot in between. When it comes to affordable wine (under £10), the choice and variety are better than ever before.
  9. ppridday
    Have to agree with that as well. Definite surge in wine consumption in the US. Must be the "new thing". Just about every town has a winery of some sort and therefore wine tastings. That is a great way to find your taste. The great thing is my wife is pretty much exclusively a wine drinker so I get to partake in some nice wines. She hates whiskey so that is ALL mine. Bonus.
  10. howdy
    Grainbelt Premium! Great Minnesota made beer!
  11. ppridday
    How about Fargo Brewing Co. Stones Throw Scottish Ale. Yum!!!

    I'm starting to think I may have a drinking problem. :stuck_out_tongue:
  12. warubozu
    I don't normally drink Tequila, can't drink 1800 or Cuervo as they're both nasty and makes recovering the next day difficult. Last night I decided to sip a glass of Kapena Li Hing Mui enfused Tequila and really enjoyed it, even if it wasn't infused, I think this Tequila is really smooth.

  13. jodgey4
    http://puroverdespirits.com/anejo.html is the tequila I like, the reprosado is good as well. ~$35 a bottle, easily sippable. That + whisky stones = :D. And I've found them all over from DC to TX, which is nice.
  14. SomeGuyDude
    LMAO hell with it. Four Loko tonight.
  15. dreambass
    I could end up liking whisky, that vapour though its too much
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