Whats you thoughts on "Woo Audio WA7 Black 2nd gen" Amplifire?

  1. Arin7
    Hi everyone, I am using my HD600 with a Sound Blaster Zx, and truth to be told I feel like I am not using the HD600s full potential, so asked someone for recommendations and they told me to get "Woo Audio WA7 Black 2nd gen", so what do you guys think aout this setup? and do I need a seprate DAC if I am going to use wiht my PC? Many thanks in advance.
  2. ahmadfaizadnan
    wa7 already comes with dac so you can just use it out of the box. I only heard the wa7 with HD650 once and I thought it's quite good but I guess the HD600 is a better pair with wa7.
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