What's the first CD…
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I think I have it still. I recently bought a first pressing vinyl copy :)
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First ever CD was a mail-in prize for sending in 10 or so Hi-C bar codes.  Backstreet Boys, Tribe Called Quest, and some girl group.  I was 7.
Damn, it's been a while. 
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I used to be a hardcore Weezer fan, but lately they've lost their touch IMO.

you can say that again. 

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This is slightly embarassing  but it was Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory.  That was like 10ish years ago, and I am 20 now hahaha.  I wouldn't dare to listen to the crap they put out now...

Mine is also an embarrassing choice:

But you know whats funny? I actually still like it. Its not bad to say the least. But of course, I will get flamed for it. Is it really so wrong?

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Um, back in MY youth we had little portable needle drop turntables which I no doubt received for Christmas with an assortment of 45s ...
So, my first baby sitting monies (aged 13) went to my then meager record collection, and it was a 45 by Elvis Presley (sp?) "In The Ghetto" ...
A few years latter we be Rockin' and Rollin' with the new technology, an under-dash 8-track player bought from a J.C. Whitney catalog for my first automobile . :wink:
/ whippersnappers
// And stay offa the lawn... lol
First CD : maybe Rolling Stones "Sticky Fingers" after my first 8-track which was perhaps Santana's ABRAXAS ...
Yeah tjohnusa , I know what you mean, too , and then some !
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I don't remember....know what I mean?

What you mean is you know but age is an issue, so you don't wanna think about it? You can do better than that. My first CDs were bought in the '80s, which is when they became a mass-market phenomenon. A musician friend who used to have his own label recently told me that 1990 was his line of demarcation. "In '89 it was too expensive to make a CD," he said. "In '90 it was the other way around. CDs had run over the LP."
Whatever they are, your first CDs can't have been much earlier than that.
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I love that one....it bring back old memories 

BTw, i read somewhere they are recording a new disc....

Yea I'm not looking forward to it. The last one sucked IMO

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