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Whats the difference between Shure SE215 and 215SPE?

  1. archangel22
    What is the difference between these 2x versions? Is it noticeable? I like the clear look more than the color versions so not sure if there is a big difference in them. For example these are what Im looking at:



    But now you have the new white version, dont care for the volume control is that all it does no sound quality difference?


    I remember reading back the SPE while costing extra did produce better bass but Im wondering after all these years have they manufactured the se215 differently are they even now and just a color difference?
  2. archangel22
    Sorry 1 more thing, I heard that the cable they give you on the Shures is like 1.66cm long and people said its way too long and gets caught in things in public and it was best to replace it with a shorter at least 1.10cm cable instead. They said they used mmcx cables from china to save money but was curious does this impact sound quality should you get good reliable cable brands or cables wont matter as it depends all on the earbuds only? checking ebay for shorter cables the prices range from $9-60 just iffy what brands or price to get because the original cable will be long for me
  3. archangel22
  4. Oscar-HiFi
  5. PaganDL
    Hi Archangel22,

    The Shure 215 special edition (Blue) has slightly more bass than standard & the white has a bit more in the high frequency though on the white may be subjective for some but it is all source dependant...

    Hope this helps...

    Have a great day !
  6. wolf087
    Where did you read that the white se215 has more treble at?
  7. PaganDL
    Hi Architech87,

    I didn't read it, I heard it myself during a demo session as I was curious if the white had any difference over the original 215 & the 215 SE which I do have.

    I also said my reaction to the high frequency is highly subjective & source dependant.

    To further quantify this point, I have source material which makes high frequencies very shrill under certain conditions, eg specific tuning on headphones & in ears which cater to higher register which as a general rule I am more sensitive in the first place so I know what to look for overall.
  8. wolf087

    I agree, I just got mine in the mail yesterday (Wireless Verison) and they sound really good. My only complaint as of right now is the volume. They are plenty loud enough when paired with my iPhone or MacBook, but when I pair them to my DAP, which is a Sony Walkman, the max volume just isn't enough. Have you noticed any difference in volume or quality after a burn in period?
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 24, 2018
  9. PaganDL
    Hi Architech87,

    As stated, I don't own the white version so I can't comment on burn in for that.

    I will say as a general rule, volume doesn't change over much for burn in on most audio gear, though quality does to a certain extent.

    From memory, the 215 SE didn't change all that much in quality as it was good from the start.

    Depending on which walkman you have, it shouldn't make a lot of difference unless your source files aren't good quality, eg minimum CD quality.
    Though why you're listening at max is a potential concern as you're doing damage to your hearing.

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