What's the difference between an LOD and the docks that you can purchase online with a line out
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Hello. Wondering how the commercial docks that you can buy through companies like Denon, Myrantz, or Apple Universal Dock - Apple Store (U.S.) differ from the one that ALo Audio makes such as: iPOD / iPHONE LOD CABLE TO RCA FOR AMPLIFIER - RCAB52 - eBay (item 380121244752 end time Jul-29-09 08:51:02 PDT)

In other words, couldn't i just get the apple dock and buy a mini to rca cable to plug into a stereo?

Also, can someone explain to me how all this works? Is the line out signal already processed through the ipod/iphone dac? Is it processed through the ipod opamp?
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1. The Apple Universal Dock do not have "true" line level output. It can be controlled by the iPods volume control.
2. The ALO Audio cable have "true" line level output. The volume can not be controlled.
3. One being a dock for home (table) use, while the other one are meant for portable use.
4. The Apple Universal Dock need an additional cable between the dock and the amplifier.
5. The ALO Audio cable is ready to go.

In both cases the signal are processed through the iPods DAC.
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Although the apple universal dock does not have a line-out signal, you can get one for about $15.
The only reason it gets bad ratings is because non-audiophiles buy it expecting it to do something cool.. other than give a line-out signal

It's pretty much the same thing, with the exception of #3 and #4 that krmathis pointed out. Also, the dock that I linked to also has a input for usb charging/syncing.
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Sorry. I previously saw people posting about LOD's in this section so I thought maybe this would be the best place to post. I posted in the portable section. Close thread please

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