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What's the best sound signature for heavy/thrash metal?

  1. fradd
    I mainly listen to various subgenres of heavy metal, specifically thrash metal. And I can't find anywhere that says which sound signatures are best for which genres, and I am not completely sure of it myself.
    I've seen ClieOS's "Concise Multi-IEM Comparison" in which the headphones are sorted by sound signature. So as far as what I mean by sound signature, and which ones I'm talking about, the ones in that thread are what I'm talking about: Analytical, Balanced, Bass, Mid, Warm+Sweet.
    Any help?
  2. Tom Yum Goong
    Hmm I (and probably a few other people in here) prefer a slightly mid forward sound signature. It just compliments the guitars :)
    IMO thrash doesn't need that much bass, where as sludge, doom etc really benefits from a lot of bass rumble.

    How big is your budget, if I might ask? :)

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