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What's going on with Electrostatic headphone amps?

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by Jodet, Oct 7, 2018.
  1. Jodet
    I seem to recall MrSpeakers talking about how they were working with various amp vendors to make more ESL headphone amps available for their electrostatic headphone.

    Did anything ever come of that?


    So what's out there now besides Stax for electrostatic headphone amps (not speaker/amp combos)?

    I see HifiMan has a new amp coming out that might be an option for Stax owners.

    I'm thinking its time to upgrade from my 353X but don't know what's out there that isn't five thousand dollars.
  2. technobear
  3. Jodet
    So it's a front end that you have to attach to another headphone amplifier? So it's a headphone amplifier preamp? Might be cool but sounds pretty hairshirt to me.
  4. kvik
    Below is what I've found with tubes. You can use this list as shortcut, or google them yourself if you prefer. Most are not cheap, though. And I have no idea about the quality.


    Arkhipov's Laboratory, AudioValve, Dubiel Acoustics, Flux Lab, HeadAmp, Hifiman, KingSound, MacAlister Audio, Mal Valve, MegaHertz, Mjölnir Audio, Ray Samuels Audio, SoundTech, Stax, Venture Electronics, Viva Audio, Woo Audio
  5. alan967tiger
    Some of the amps from Mjolnir Audio cost considerably less than $5000 and come highly recommended. My Mini KGSSHV gives me more enjoyment than any Stax amp I’ve used and that includes the T8000.

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