What's getting alot of ear-time on your HPs lately?

Discussion in 'Music' started by ADUHF, Jul 3, 2018.
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  1. ADUHF
    What have you been listening to alot on your headphones recently?

    A few guidelines for the posts here...

    - Post as much as you want, but please put each album, audio track, or video in a separate post, unless you' re just posting a list or some general info.
    - Post each album, track or video only once.
    - Post only official and authorized content by the artist and their label. Bootlegged, pirated or other unathorized content will not be welcome here.
    - You don't have to be listening right now.

    If you want to post a little about the equipment your using, that's ok too. I'm always sort of curious to know what gear OTHERS are using, because mine is mostly junk. :) (I'm glad to tell what I have though, if anyone wants to know.)
  2. ADUHF
    Lately, I've been listening to alot of R&B, including alot by Asian artists. Alot of Latin music, mostly Brazilian, reggaeton, trap, and R&B. Some grime and hip-hop from the UK. And pop-folk from the Balkans. Also a little EDM, house and disco. And a bit of alt-rock, here and there.

    I use my HPs to listen to movies as well. Mostly some older horror films so far this summer, like Hammer's Horror of Dracula. (An oldie, but still a pretty good flick.)
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  3. ADUHF
    Some specific tracks getting pretty good ear-time of late...

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  4. ADUHF
    Some violent imagery in this. But I love the funky R&B vibe on this track.

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  5. ADUHF
  6. ADUHF
    GZ and some guy I don't really know. :)

  7. ADUHF
  8. ADUHF
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  9. ADUHF
  10. ADUHF
    Maria + Costi

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  11. ADUHF
  12. wuwhere Contributor
    I've been listening to a lot of Santana music lately. Also buying more Santana CDs. I also use my HP a lot watching movies, Oppo BDP-95, MKV format, USB flash drive.
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  13. ADUHF
    Thanks for the reply, wuwhere. I've enjoyed listening to some of Santana's work over the years. Is there a particular album or track(s) you'd recommend?
  14. zephyrstar
    'King Albert' by Albert King. Such a fun album, just can't stop singing along with it!

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  15. ADUHF
    Thanks for posting these, zephyrstar. I do love da funky beats! Can't post a link at the moment, but there's an R&B/soul/funk thread here that's also worth checking out.

    One small request... In the future, please put each YT video in a separate post, as I've done above. These music threads become very difficult to navigate if there's more than one video in each post. You may post as much or as often as you like here, as long as you put each video in a separate post.

    Thank you for posting the authorized versions of the above tracks btw. There are more details on what constitutes an authorized or official video here, for those who don't know what I mean.
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