What's better than the MMX300?
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Headphoneus Supremus
Oct 3, 2002
After 6-ish years of use my older MMX's have started to give up the ghost. I'm not seeing any other major changes in high-end headset-land and was wondering if there was a better candidate.
I'm sure some will come steaming in to say "oh you can use a Zalman or Antlion on x headphones' but I've been there and done that - so I'd be looking solely for a better headset in terms of alternatives. I'd want sound at least at the level of the DT770 Pro, superior back-electret mic design so I don't sound like I'm on a headset as so many do, I also need physical compatibility for the Trackclip Pro with no obstructions for the arm protruding at a reasonable angle. Closed is preferred, fully circumaural is a must. USB is fine, though a converter design like the MMX300 is fine as well... but I never expect to be using it on anything but a PC. Must have physical volume and mic mute controls.
Should I replace with another MMX300? Or based on the above criteria are there better candidates? Thanks

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